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What kind of entertainment and activities to expect at night on Halong Bay cruises


With half of the year ahead of us, it is never too late to start planning your best tours in Vietnam. Even if you cannot pencil in a long holiday in Vietnam, you can make the most of your free time with a quick and easy escape to someplace special. On the top of our list is Halong Bay UNESCO World Natural Heritage in Northern Vietnam.

From practice Tai Chi on desk to get a bird’s eye view of this marvel of nature, discover the hidden caves, swim, dive, kayak between karsts limestone outcrops, and visit the floating villages, most agree that Vietnam’s world-famous bay with thousands of impressive jagged limestone pinnacles, islands, beaches, and national parks is the quintessential relaxing Vietnam vacation during your day. But do you know that all ships come alive at night? With a full spectrum of activities to keep you occupied throughout the night— including plenty of “me time” for you, your companion, or family, you will smile all night!

Contemplate the jaw-dropping sunset on desk


Sunset on Halong Bay

Want a side of romance with your beach drinks? All Halong Bay travel guides will tell you to take more time to experience the destination at sunset. Halong Bay’s geography allows for impressive views in all directions making it one of the best spots to watch the sun dip into the ocean.

The sunset on the sea is truly fascinating in itself – imagine the exhilaration of rejuvenating and balancing your mind and filling your heart with harmony and happiness – known to be a truly fascinating and pleasing experience.  Whether you are traveling with your best friends, your family, your kids, or just your special someone, experience the quintessential Halong sunset and get ready to party once night falls.

Enjoy a private and romantic dinner


Halong Bay private dinner on beach

Halong Bay has so many distractions and Halong Bay overnight cruises are well known for the large amount of activities, entertainment, and relaxing options available that you can sometimes forget that you came down here to relax on the beach. For supreme privacy, consider the private and romantic dinners served on request anywhere onboard, on the picture-perfect beach, on the open polished top sundeck, in your cabin and private terrace, or in the cozy wine cellar.

An intimate experience on your Halong Bay group tour – in the heartwarming atmosphere aboard the ship, with 5 to 7 courses with a delightful cream of pumpkin soup for starter, followed by Halong squid pie (chả mực Hạ Long), freshly cooked spice squid (mực rang muối), chicken curry (cà ri gà) for main courses surely catering to your taste – will fully charge you with great company and good vibes.

Night squid fishing


Night squid fishing

Live in the depths of ocean during the day, mainly feed at night and attracted to light, hungry squids lurk in the dark fringes near patches of lighted water around rocks and seaweeds, which is why nighttime tends to be more productive and night squid fishing is one of the top things to do at night on your Halong Bay group tour. During progressive time slots between April and the following January – especially the highest peak of the squid fishing season from August to December, adult squids can be found in almost all waters of Halong Bay.

Take a rod, a fiber, and a bunch of photogenic hooks and get ready to fish your own squids! What can be more amazing than catching 15-20 squids per night – of course, if you are an experienced angler – with the wind from the sea caressing your face and the gentle rolling of the waves? For newcomers – people with no experience in fishing, expect to catch fewer. But no matter how many squids you catch, this nocturnal fishing affair is an experience full of fun and excitement! Keep your squids as a gift for your family or enjoy your freshly grilled squids with a cold beer.

No matter how many times you go on a Halong Bay tour, the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site of some 1,600 islands and islets offers myriad activities and events to keep you occupied on the cruise both day and night.

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