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Visit Vung Duc for a wonderful honeymoon tour in Quang Ninh

Besides Halong, Quang Ninh has a lot of stunning and attractive destinations to visit to have a really wonderful Vietnam honeymoon tour. One of the most beautiful landscapes like that is Vung Duc. This splendid land would be an ideal choice for your amazing Vietnam honeymoon vacation with incredible things.

1. Location and nature

Vung Duc is located in Cam Dong Ward, Cam Pha City, about 45 kilometers to the northeast of the city center of Halong. It’s situated right next to a beautiful bay of Bai Tu Long and surrounded by Ban Co Mountain. This is one of the most attractive destinations you shouldn’t miss in your Vietnam tour for couple in Quang Ninh. It’s a unique site of Vietnam which has both historical and religious values. Vung Duc contains 5 spectacular and majestic natural caves linking together, including Thien Dang (Heaven’s Light), Long Van, Ngo Ngang (Astonishingly beautiful), Kim Quy (Golden Turtle), and Doi (Bat) Caves.

Vung Duc – the amazing land in Quang Ninh

2. Attractions

Vung Duc is one of the 5 recognized tourist sites in Cam Pha City, Quang Ninh Province. In many recent years, it’s invested by Vung Duc Joint-stock Enterprise to be preserved and upgraded into the most attractive tourist destination in a Halong tour. They have exploited and invested it since 1999 with the capital of around 15 billion VND for the elevator system, light, and paths inside the caves to make it easier and safer for visitors to visit and explore this amazing land.

Bai Tu Long Bay

The first destination in your adventure tour in Vung Duc is Thien Dang Cave, which is 46 meters high above the sea level. This cave is pretty large with the total area of about 300 square meters. It’s also the most ideal place from which you can see all the stunning view of Bai Tu Long Bay with islands up and down on the blue seawater.
Going into the cave, you will see stone curtains falling down from the ceiling, curving softly, and looking like a spectacular stage with incredibly sophisticated patterns. Looking up to the ceiling, you can see big blocks of stalactite looking like the most ingenious chandeliers. And the light from the outside sometimes makes it more sparkling.

Long Van Cave

Next, you will move to Long Van Cave, which is higher than Thien Dang Cave. The interior of this cave is divided into two ways, the upper and the lower. Inside the cave, there are a lot of interesting natural stone statues, which, in the wonderful mind of the human beings, become an amazing world of wildlife. They look like some animals like elephants or swans, or some things like a bell or a lotus, etc. Especially, there are a lot of large holes containing young stone of different sizes. So, this cave is also locally called as a “gold warehouse”.

An incredible natural cave

Exiting the Long Van Cave, moving along the main path, you will reach Kim Quy Cave and Ngo Ngang Cave. Here, you will be told the story of “A one-hundred-knot bamboo tree” and three stone statues sitting in a line in different poses. And finally, after going through the dreaming path, you will reach Doi Cave or Bat Cave. As its names, yes, Bat Cave is the home of many bat species. Coming here, you can hear the sound of the bats living there. It’s also the last cave in this series of caves in Vung Duc tourist site.

3. Things to enjoy

Vung Duc is an amazing land for a Vietnam honeymoon with a picturesque scenery. You can walk along the beautiful sandy beach, enjoy the fresh and peaceful atmosphere here with gentle waves, wind, and sunlight. You will have a really relaxing and enjoyable time in a splendid nature with majestic mountains on one side, and the immense blue sea on the other side. Besides going sightseeing, you can take some beautiful photos of the beautiful nature. From Vung Duc, you can reach some other interesting sites in Quang Ninh like Ba Mun National Park in Bai Tu Long Bay, The Vang Island and the ecotourism site on this island, or Cong Tay tourist site, and more.

Beautiful nature of Quang Ninh

There are many other exciting things in Vung Duc that you must try it yourself to have a wonderful vacation here. Don’t’ just listen, go and explore this wonderful landscape of Vietnam.

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