Try the best specialties in Quang Ninh province


Quang Ninh is a beautiful coastal province with a lot of picturesque landscape, blue-colored sea, white sanded beach, and various attractive special foods that you must try at least once in your Vietnam culinary tours. Today, hello Vietnam travel agency will recommend you top must-try special foods in this province.

1. Fried pounded squid

This is the most famous and attractive special food in Quang Ninh recommended in a lot of Vietnam travel reviews. They take the fresh squids which are caught from the sea not long ago, cleanse them and pound the squids thoroughly, knead it into pies to make it taste tough, crisp, and very tasty. You can eat fried pounded squid with steamed sticky rice, steamed rolled rice pancake, or just dip into fish sauce and eat this food. This flavor will enchant and impress you deeply.


[Fried pounded squid in Quang Ninh]

2. Peanut worm

Peanut worm is a mollusk species living in the seaside sandbank. This species is quite rare, usually found in Quan Lan Island in Van Don, Quang Ninh. It is not only a food but also a folk remedy, which is very complicated to process. Therefore, the dried peanut worm is expensive which cost millions of Vietnam dong per kilogram.


[Peanut worm in Quang Ninh]

You can cook and eat peanut worms in many dishes, including fried peanut worms dipping in chili sauce, fresh peanut worms fried with piper lolot, grilled peanut worms eaten with lemon and banana flower, dried peanut worms stewed with gruel, or stewed it to make the broth for Pho.

3. Limuloid

Quang Yen limuloid is processed to make many delicious dishes, fit the diverse appetite of many people, including fried breaded limuloid, king crab eggs stir-fried with piper lolot, limuloid legs sweet and sour stir-fried, grilled limuloid, limuloid’s blood curds, etc. Catching and processing limuloid are very complicated, therefore, there are not many restaurants serving this dish.


[Quang Yen limuloid]

If you would like to try this special food when visiting Quang Yen Town I Quang Ninh province, hello Vietnam travel reviews suggest that you should go to the restaurant on the Road 25th of April, Halong city to enjoy delicious foods made of sea limuloid. You can also buy some souvenirs from limuloid shells which are not pretty but also useful to get rid of the cold.

4. Nodding Cake

Nodding cake is a special food of Tien Yen. It is made by spreading the flour over an autoclave and then rolling like steamed rolled rice pancake. Someone say this cake taste a bit like Pho cake. But, one difference is that when grinding the rice to make the flour, they add some cold rice to make the cake soft and a little bit tough.


[Nodding cake]

The reason why it is called Nodding cake is due to such a wonderful taste of this dish that you will have to nod and compliment constantly when eating this food. The sauce is made from fish sauce cooked with chicken fat, chopped meat, fresh chili, and fried onion. You can buy and eat this dish anywhere in Quang Ninh province.

5. Vermicelli with mantis shrimp

Another special food suggested by the helloVietnam tour operator in Quang Ninh is vermicelli with mantis shrimp. This is a popular food in Halong because there is a lot of mantis shrimp in this bay. The broth is made from stewing bones, shrimp, crab, and mantis shrimp, making the soup very tasty, especially when combined with various vegetables like cress, sweet mustard, tomato, split scallion.


[Vermicelli with mantis shrimp]

Especially, it looks more attractive with mantis shrimps which are done to a turn so that you can remove their shells easily. Each portion of vermicelli with mantis shrimps costs you 40.000 VND.

6. Hole squills

Hole squill is a member of octopus family but it is smaller and lives in holes. They have to catch hole squill in small holes or use an eight-sign trap. They also call it long-legged squill because of its long tentacles despite its tiny head.


[Hole squill]

Squills are boiled with guava leaves and tamarind leaves, then dipped into shrimp paste and eaten with polyscias fruiticosa, Chinese fever vine, and green acrid banana. This is a favorite finger food of people in Quang Ninh. The squill-fish having eggs is called rice squill which tastes better and is more attractive. The squill season is from lunar July to lunar October every year.

There are many other special foods you can try in your Quang Ninh food tour. Visit Quang Ninh, you should eat these dishes to have a memorable and wonderful trip to Quang Ninh.

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