Top food you should not miss in Yen Tu


A wide range of awesome food. Vibrant cultures of 54 ethnic minority groups. Impressive landscapes. As if Vietnam needed any more reasons to visit, it is also the homeland of some of the most exciting festivals in Southeast Asia.

These big festivals in Vietnam may vary from place to place, but all share something in common: they are always crowded, exciting, a chance to learn Vietnamese, familiarize with cultures, a memorable experience, and especially they offer great food to try! And Yen Tu Festival is not an exception!

Why is Yen Tu Festival for everyone?

Yen Tu Festival

Yen Tu Festival

Yen Tu Festival at the Yen Tu historical relic and landscape area, in Uong Bi City, the northern province of Quang Ninh is a Buddhist festival that celebrates the arrival of spring. Known widely as one of the biggest spiritual festivals in spring in Vietnam, it takes place almost three months, allows us to socialize, unite, and come together.

Yen Tu Spring Festival is celebrated on fixed dates in the Vietnamese lunar calendar (from the 10th day of the 1st month to the end of the 3rd month), but this calendar varies in relation to the Gregorian calendar used in the west. It means that this festival moves around with relation to western dates. This year, this festival opens on February 25th at the Yen Tu Festival and Service Center to kick off the National Tourism Year hosted by the locality.

Regarded as a sacred and solemn occasion, Yen Tu Festival is often associated most with crowds of people making a pilgrimage to Dong Pagoda -the highest mountain temple or the sacred place to ask for luck, health, and happiness in the upcoming year. But this is just one part of this exciting festival. People taking part in Yen Tu Festival on their Vietnam private tours are also attracted by top foods to eat in Yen Tu.

What to eat in Yen Tu?

Finding a great dish to eat at a big festival like Yen Tu on a budget sounds like a challenge, but it is entirely worthwhile – and even more fun. A night’s stay at the Yen Tu Landscape Relic Site with a lull during the line-up is such an amazing opportunity to knock up a tasty meal full of Vietnamese specialties that will never threaten your bank balance.

Ivory bamboo and bamboo sprout

Yen Tu bamboo sprouts

Yen Tu bamboo sprouts

No food has been associated with “The cradle of Buddhism in Vietnam” more than ivory bamboo and crunchy bamboo sprout — a classic ingredient in most of dishes served here – which can be as crispy as grilled bamboo or as refined as boiled bamboo eaten with sesame salt.

Fortunately, Yen Tu bamboo harvest season is in the 2nd month of the lunar calendar, the creamy color and subtle, corn-like flavor of these tasty organic vegetables make it a Vietnamese food you should not miss on your journey to Yen Tu Spring Festival.

Bamboo sprout is the King of the Forest Vegetables which has been eaten for more than 2,500 years, so it is not only delicious but also nutritious. However, you need to ask for locals’ advice to avoid bamboo with a bitter, metallic taste.

Yen Tu Apricot Wine

Yen Tu apricot wine

Yen Tu apricot wine

Apricots are not the only fruit grown in Yen Tu Area, but they are perhaps one of the most celebrated. If Yen Tu Spring Festival is one of the top things to do in Northern Vietnam then the yellow wine with a warm taste of Yen Tu apricot wine is what to sample here. This sweet and sour taste even can help prevent heart disease and lower bad cholesterol levels thanks to the highest levels of carotenoids it possesses.  

For food connoisseurs, what better way to celebrate Yen Tu Spring Festival – which is associated most with crowds of people making a pilgrimage to the sacred place than by whipping up recipes from some of Vietnam’s best food to enjoy in this area. Cooked from fresh, healthy, and affordable ingredients, these festive recipes are easy to make and easy to make you hungry.

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