Top festivals in Vietnam in April


April seems to be the most exciting time for Vietnam tourism when a lot of interesting events and festivals are held in this month. April is the starting month of summer in Vietnam; therefore, plenty of activities in beautiful well-known tourist destinations are opened to welcome visitors.

Here are the top festivals you should visit in your Vietnam cultural tour in April.

Hung King Temple Festival

King Hung Festival in Phu Tho

King Hung Festival in Phu Tho

According to the history, the first kings of Vietnam are the 18 Hung kings (Hung Vuong). They are the kings of ancient Vietnam during the very early days of the country (about 2879 BC). Vietnamese people believe they were the founders of the country. Therefore, annually, local people use the tenth day of the third month in Lunar Calendar to honor them. This day is called Gio To Hung Vuong or Den Hung Festival. And this year, the festival is on the 21st of April.

King Hung Temple is located in Phu Tho Province in Northern Vietnam. During the festival days, Vietnamese people from all over the country, as well as Vietnamese people living abroad, visit King Hung Temple on Nghia Linh Mountain to show their respect and gratitude to the founder of ancient Vietnam.

As usual, the festival this year is featured with a lot of traditional rituals such as the bronze drum performance and competition of procession with the participation of about 40 local villages. Leaders from the government will lead the procession up to Upper Temple (“Den Thuong”) – the highest temple of King Hung Temple Complex together with thousands of residents.

On festival, you can experience a lot of folk games such as “danh du” (bamboo swings), “nem con” (game of throwing a sacred ball through the ring), rice cooking competitions, lion dance, human chess, water puppet performance, wrestling, crossbow shooting, etc. Especially, you can enjoy the two traditional food that originated from Hung Vuong’s period including Chung Cake and Day Cake. Moreover, you can have the chance to listen to Xoan singing and Gheo singing. Joining this festival is a very great experience in your Vietnam cultural tour.

Ha Long Carnaval

The colorful carnaval in Ha Long

The colorful carnaval in Ha Long

Every year, on April, Ha Long city welcome tourists with an exciting and fantastic carnaval. This year, Ha Long Carnaval will be held in April 28th in Ha Long Park with a lot of fun and colorful performances.

Coming to the carnaval, you can enjoy an amazing party of colors, lights and great music on street. The combination of traditional Vietnamese culture and modern trends from other parts of the world is always the highlight of Ha Long Carnaval. You can both enjoy the sexy performances of dancers wearing stunning outfits and experience the reproduction of cultural events with the traditional background music. This makes your cultural tour in Vietnam more interesting.

The scale of Ha Long Carnaval is quite large with the participation of thousands of actors (actresses), dancers, singers, musicians as well as students. Almost of them are the local residents of Halong Bay. Also, the parade cars, the outfits and other equipments are so well-prepared. Each year, Halong Carnaval has a different theme which honors traditional & natural values of Halong Bay as well as the achievements of tourism in Halong. 

This year, the 2018 National Tourism Year Program will be also held in Ha Long. Therefore, the carnaval will be on larger scale.

Festival Hue

Cultural festival in Hue

Cultural festival in Hue

April seems to be the best time to travel Vietnam for your Vietnam cultural tour when there are a lot of attractive activities held across the country. In Central Vietnam, we have Hue Festival which has been a very well-known cultural event for years.

In 2018, the 10th Hue festival will be held from April 12 to 24. Hue festival is one of the biggest events in the whole country, attracting millions of domestic and international tourist, with a huge number of impressive activities and performances such as “Dem Phuong Dong” (Orient Night), International Festival, International Dance Festival, International Food festival and the Ao Dai Festival. Moreover, the Hue Festival is more dramatic with a lot of community activities, including art exhibitions, street performances, Huong Binh Tune program, Calligraphy, …

In your Vietnam cultural tour to Hue, you can enjoy the amazing combination of cultural exploration and leisure luxury trip. You will have the chance to discover the ancient capital city of Vietnam under Nguyen Dynasty in the 19th century. The Forbidden Purple City, Imperial Citadel, a lot of temples, pagodas and King’s tombs are greatest places for your cultural tour. Moreover, you can enjoy your wonderful April trip in Lang Co Bay with beautiful beaches and luxury resorts. Also, you can visit Bach Ma National Park for your natural exploration trip and admire a fantastic view from Hai Van Pass.

When you travel to Vietnam in April, you don’t have to worry about where to go in Vietnam because there are a lot of great things to see and to do in different places throughout Vietnam. Besides those three festivals, you can consider the International Firework Festival in Danang, Huong Tich Pagoda Festival in Ha Tinh, Ho Chi Minh City’s tourism Day, Chua Thay Pagoda Festival, etc.

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