On an area of 2,000 square kilometers that is sunny almost the whole year round, it would be a waste not to swop your business attire for something sporty and stretch those legs. Whether you have an adventurous mind or you are someone who thrives on an active lifestyle, Halong Bay adventure tours are what you have been looking for.

For the adrenaline junkies who are trying to cross off a few exciting activities on your bucket list this summer, this is the guide for you. And you can experience it all right here on a Halong Bay tour.

Scuba Diving


Scuba diving in Halong Bay

Halong Bay in the Gulf of Tonkin is known for being the best destination for scuba diving in Vietnam, not to mention among the world’s greatest diving spots. With sparkling 10-meter (33feet) deep waters home to a rich biodiversity of about 1,000 species of marine animals, pristine coral reefs, and various marine animals such as sergeant major fish, moray eels, needlefish, Clark’s anemonefish, cuttlefish, lionfish, parrotfish, scorpion fish, rockfish, and trumpet fish, etc. – these islands are where you should go if you want to explore Vietnam’s underwater world.

A chance to see parts of the bay not visible from the cruise boats. How does that sound? Gear up and swim down into the ocean, check out rocky reefs, and an abundance of marine life on your Halong Bay group tour is something you will definitely remember for the rest of your life.

  • Location: Mahaman Beach, Fisherman’s Bay, Madonna Rock

Scenic seaplane flight to Halong Bay


Halong Bay seaplane tours

As if that was too much for newbies who are finding plenty of ways to get that same extreme high, but with a much smaller chance of dying, the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site in Northern Vietnam also offers the first scenic seaplane flights in Vietnam. All 12 passengers in a Cessna Grand Caravan seaplane can look forward to an overview of more than 1,900 magnificent islands and limestone pillars of Halong Bay from 150-300 meters high – clearly not for the faint of heart.

Offered by the company Hai Au Aviation – a member of the Thien Minh Group – a leading travel and hospitality group in Southeast Asia who popularised the extreme experience of seaplane, Vietnam’s first and only seaplane flight offers thrill-seekers a unique panoramic view taking in all the highlights of Halong Bay and the surrounding Gulf of Tonkin.

You could go to Halong Bay by bus, but we vote that you go for the scenic flight with one of the experienced pilots from Hai Au Aviation instead ($137.5 for 25 minutes). More than a speedy transfer between Hanoi and Halong Bay, it is a chance to soar the skies for amazing views over one of Vietnam’s most recognizable landscapes of limestone pillars pushing up out of the green waters.

  • Location: The seaplane takes off from the Tuan Chau Island Marina

Rock climbing


Rock climbing in Halong Bay

For those who want to live life on the edge, who want something more challenging than their local indoor climbing gym? With over 3,000 limestone karst littered across a vast King Kong-esque landscape with mini villages and handmade basket boats polka-dotting the waters, Halong Bay must be one of the most majestic rock climbing areas of the world.

From beginner bouldering to expert mountain climbers, Halong Bay, which is top of the list for rock climbers with more than 120 sport climbing routes on 13 crags, from 4a to 8a, has a place for everyone. Don’t know how to climb? Let’s go on a Halong Bay group tour and have rock climbing guide to ensure you a memorable adventure. This iconic activity is a must-try if you are in Halong Bay – the region enjoying its renowned limestone karsts considered as a reminiscent of a cross between Lord of the Rings and Jurassic Park.

  • Location: Cat Ba Island, Tiger & Moody Beach, Butterfly Valley, Ben Beo Harbor.

For those adventurous at heart, Halong Bay will truly thrill, excite, and dazzle you. From a journey with Hai Au Aviation’s seaplane – the best way to perfectly feast their eyes on Halong bay’s scenery to climb to the top of Halong Bay’s most outrageous cliffs with breathtaking views of the entire Bay Area, make sure you check out these thrilling adventure activities to do on your Halong Bay group tour!

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