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Top Exciting Things to Do for Adrenaline Junkies (Part 2)


Any Vietnamese and experienced travelers will tell you—Halong Bay the best of both worlds. Not only do we get to revel in one of the world’s best natural marvel of all time, we also offer a wide range of awe-inspiring activities. And while a night spent on Halong Bay cruises is always a lovely (and semi-challenging) way to spend a weekend, we have also enlisted plenty of other utterly rad outdoor activities for those looking to pump up their adrenaline on their Halong adventure tours!

Kayaking – An adventure to explore the hidden lagoons of Halong Bay


Halong Bay kayaking

A fun way to see the jaw-dropping scenery and the diverse wildlife of Halong Bay? That should be via kayak with something unique about viewing these world-famous sights from the water!

With a proven pedigree in paddling, some 1,960–2,000 islands and islets to explore, and a climate that will not make you shudder at the prospect of getting wet, Halong Bay is hard to beat as an all-around sea kayaking destination. making for thousands of new routes and formations. An awe-inspiring experience staying in the water while getting an up close and personal view of the limestone, caves, and caverns sprinkled throughout the sea – kayaking in Halong Bay takes more guts than skills.

Going where other big boats cannot and paddling past green cliffs and unspoiled beaches and floating fishing villages on the calm waters, expect to spot 14 endemic floral species and 60 endemic faunal species in these warm waters – their natural habitat. Have you already got the hang of the basics of kayaking tips on your kayaking for beginners course, seen all the kayaking videos that you can find on the Internet, and purchased your essential kayaking kits? It’s high time to rent a kayak on your own or book a tour with an experienced kayaking guide to make your kayaking adventure a reality on your Halong Bay group tour!

Snorkeling – Best adventure for underwater lovers


Snorkeling in Halong Bay

The Descending Dragon Bay is famous for its sunny skies and scenic beaches, but there is a whole lot to explore under the sea. One of the great pleasures of a Halong Bay group tour for adventurers is snorkeling in the warm, calm waters of the UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

With warm, calm waters, snorkeling is one of the most popular activities found in Vietnam’s top tourist site 105 miles east of Hanoi. The diverse and pristine open waters underneath in Halong Bay allow beginners, experts, and even kids alike to explore diverse marine life right from the beach. Moreover, these limestone formations and crystal clear waters will bring snorkelers face to face with around 120 hectares of colorful corals filled with a variety of medium-sized fish, crustaceans, and mollusks.

A flawless underwater view of the marine life, a chance to swim with the cuttlefish or dance with the octopus or touch the sea bottom, and some selfies with a living coral reef – magnets for fish and all kinds of sea life are like cartoon fantasy come to life. To all underwater lovers: what still prevents you from grabbing your mask and fin and diving into one of these must-see snorkel spots in Vietnam?

  • Locations: the areas of Cong Do Island, Van Gio Island, and Trai Cave.

Parasailing – A thrilling adventure to conquer the skies


Parasailing in Halong Bay

Overwhelming, inspiring, and mesmerizing all at the same time, Halong Bay is unbeknownst to many a dream destination for true thrill-seekers. Pulled up from the ground and further toward the clouds by a parachute-pulled canoe, get ready to feel free like a bird while soaring in the sky and to channel your inner daredevil! Get over the fear of height and try parasailing, and then you will see why Halong Bay should be a long-standing spot in the “bucket” travel list of all adventurous travelers.

From kayaking in the crustaceans-filled coral reefs to conquering the skies—we promise, these awe-inspiring activities will not disappoint any on their Halong Bay tour!

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