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Top Exceptional Homestays That Make You Ditch Hotels And Resorts In Halong


What do you expect on your holiday in Vietnam? If it is a break or an extended vacation at a place that offers a wide variety of facilities and a plethora of cultural and gastronomic experiences with comfort and convenience, the UNESCO Heritage Site of Halong Bay is one of the most sought-after traveling destinations in Northern Vietnam.

What could be a better way to make your kayaking Halong Bay tours more memorable than spending at least 1 night in an exotic Halong Homestay? Tucked in the lush green environs and the grandeur of the Gulf of Tonkin, homestays in Halong have grabbed the attention of a lot of adventure seekers as well as nature lovers.

Homestays in Halong are plentiful and dotted all over the city. However, the plenty also makes it such a hard task to decide which one to stay on your kayaking in Halong Bay. Below are some of our recommendations to keep in mind.

Momento Halong Homestay


Overview from Momento

The first thing to know about Momento Halong is its convenient town location, within walking distance of Sun World Halong Park and Tuan Chau Tourist Wharf – some of the main tourist attractions.

This homestay offers three large private bedrooms with two large bunk beds with the maximum capacity of 10-12 guests at the same time. The rooms boast artistic décor and feature the best of modern amenities while offering the magnificent panoramic views of Halong Bay making it one of the top exceptional homestays that make you ditch hotels and resorts in Halong.

The view of the Descending Dragons of Halong Bay is not just a luxury but an essential to any homestay to stay on your Halong Bay tour. And Momento Halong will not make you dissatisfied!

The hosts try their best to provide a comfortable and luxury stay at a reasonable price. In summer, Momento is a popular address among group travelers, while from September to the end of winter, expect to pay VND 500,000-800,000 (USD 21.7-34.7) per room per night.


Momento Halong Homestay

A lovely house embellished in modernity and elegance with a strategic location, Momento Halong is, not surprisingly, really popular among those on a trip to Halong Bay.

  • Address: Apartment 12 – 14th Floor, Green Bay towers, Hoang Quoc Viet Street (Hoàng Quốc Việt), Hung Thang Ward (Hùng Thắng), Halong City (Hạ Long), Quang Ninh Province (Quảng Ninh);
  • Price range: VND 200,000 upwards (USD 8.7) per person per night. From Monday to Thursday: VND 2.3mil per night for a group of 10. From Friday to Sunday: VND 3.3mil per night for a group of 10. Children under 3: free;
  • Telephone: 092.871.3588 or 093.993.6899.

De LaVa Homestay


De LaVa

Those on their Halong Bay tour for couple are welcomed by Ms.Lan and Van – De LaVa’s owners – to their dreamy abode that embraces the spellbound overviews of Halong Bay. You do not need a porch to sit out on to get these exceptional backdrops. Everywhere you are in this charming property; you have it all to yourself.

Located on the 9th floor of Sunrise Halong Apartment, De LaVa Homestay is a cottage of 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom with the ample of modern facilities and colorful interiors exuding boho décor charm set amidst 60 square meters. These friendly and warm-hearted hosts can help you cook traditional Vietnamese cuisine and give you two a unique dose of local culture as well as homeliness.

If it were not enough to choose De LaVa to stay on your Halong Bay tour, see what’s more. De LaVa’s proximity to Halong Marine Plaza, Sun World Halong Park, and Halong Night Market makes it a perfect pick if you are looking for a local gastronomic experience.

  • Address: No 903, S5, Sunrise Halong Apartment, Hoang Quoc Viet Street (Hoàng Quốc Việt), Halong City (Hạ Long), Quang Ninh Province (Quảng Ninh);
  • Price range: VND 200,000 (USD 8.7) per person per night;
  • Telephone: 096 357 6830.

Where to stay on your kayaking Halong Bay tours? Why not consider Halong homestays for all budgets – which thrive on comfort, warmth, and homeliness?

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