Top 7 most spectacular grottoes in Halong Bay tours


Halong Bay tours have been too common. But there are still some places that many international tourists have not tried. They are caves. The following information will show you which caves should be visited once in your life

Thien Cung Cave (Heavenly Palace Cave)


Thien Cung cave

Thien Cung is a common destination in Vietnam tailor-made tours. It looks just like a palace in heaven with a vivid and magnificent beauty. In the center of the cave, there are four giant pillars supporting the ceiling, which can be considered the heaven sky.

Paintings of plants, animals, and fairies dancing appear all over the walls of the grotto, describing the activities of fays in paradise. In the darkness of the cave, the green color of stalactites sparkling makes us feel like walking among the stars.

Kim Quy Cave (Golden Turtle Cave)


Golden Turtle in the cave

The grotto is famous not only for its charm but also for an old legend of the Golden Turtle that relates to it. After the Turtle helped King Le Loi fight the enemies, he claimed his sword and came back to the sea. While swimming to Halong Bay, he found various demons pestering the locals there.

So he asked the King of the Ocean to be allowed to stay and kill all of the demons. After he succeeded, he got exhausted. Then, he found a cave for himself and petrified in it. Today, you will still be able to see a large rock which looks just like a turtle with hundreds of wounds on its body in the cave.

Me Cung Cave (The Maze Cave)

Don’t be fooled by its name because the cave is not like a maze at all. Perhaps, its name comes from its mysterious beauty that can seduce tourists. You will be surprised at the interior space of the cave. Walking into the cave is similar to getting inside some Persian prince’s palace.

And you may believe that Scheherazade is around here somewhere to tell her king stories. Besides its splendor, the cave is an important remain of Halong Bay. Archeologists have concluded that it was one of the vestiges of Halong City dated back 7,000 to 10,000 years ago.

Sung Sot Cave (Surprise Cave)


Sung sot cave

Having been discovered in 1901 by the Frech, Sung Sot Cave was always the “grotto among wonders.” It has been keeping this title for many years. The cave was even on the list of 10 most majestic grottoes in the world, voted by Czech travel agencies. Therefore, the trip to this cave can be one of your best tours in Vietnam.

Sung Sot has two main grottoes. One of them looks like an enormous opera-house which can contain thousands of people. Combining with neon lights, the gray tone of the vast ceiling in the cave resembles the moon’s surface. The second grotto is an entire space for stalactites with different forms that can surprise you.

Tam Cung Cave (Three-Palace Grotto)


Tam Cung cave

You can fundamentally guess why the cave is named Three-Palace or Tam Cung in Vietnamese. It is because there are three grottoes in total. The first one is just like the entrance to heaven. You will find a great number of oddly-shaped stalactites, such as an old man climbing a mountain with his stick or Fu, Lu, Shou gods playing chess.

The second grotto is a lifelike museum of nature with a stone naiad, lions, and seals. There is a stream in the middle of the cave, making the whole scene extremely romantic. And the last grotto is the place where relief sculptures made of stone are shown. Each of their details is so sophisticated that no one would believe they are natural masterpieces.

Dau Go Cave (Wooden Stakes Grotto)


Dau Go cave

If Thien Cung Cave is spectacular and elegant, Dau Go Grotto is taciturn and grandiose. This is probably due to the old legend of Tran Hung Dao’s army. In the anti-Mongol Yuan resistance war, General Tran Hung Dao prepared a great number of stakes in this cave in order to plunge them into the bottom of Bach Dang River. There were a lot of pieces of stakes left so the locals named the grotto Dau Go.

You will still realize the re-appearance of the famous fight on the ceiling of the last cave in Dau Go Grotto. The image of a battle with a capital city, horses, elephants, and swords and spears everywhere is the best thing to remind us of a magnanimous historical time.

Trinh Nu Cave (Virgin Cave)


Trinh Nu cave

This is one of the destinations where you can take kayaking Halong Bay tours. The first impression as soon as you walk into the cave will be a rock resembling a woman. She lies on the ground, letting her hair down. Her eyes look off the distance, which is just like she is desperately waiting for something.

That glint is said to be directed toward Trong Cave, where her lover rests in peace. Taking Halong Bay tours to Trinh Nu Cave, you can hear the whole story. It is a symbol of love and also a spot for lovers to make promises with each other.

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