Top 3 most fascinating caves in Halong Bay


More than just a secret underground cavern formed by dissolving of larger limestones or a sea cave located on an island’s coast, the majestic caves in Halong Bay have long been the source of humans’ inspiration and awe to travelers all over the world for centuries.

For those who are an extreme adventurer seeking for the excitement of a discovery – a chance to explore all of the best caves in the world on your best tours in Vietnam, get ready to share with other explorers as well as adventurers an incredibly good amount of majesty. Followings are our recommendations on top most fascinating caves open for public in Halong Bay that always catch the attention of any traveler on their Halong Bay tours.

Sung Sot Cave (Surprising Cave) – the largest cave in Halong Bay


Sung Sot Cave

Halong Bay is the emblem of Vietnam, and Sung Sot Cave or Surprise Grotto is the emblem of Halong Bay. The Surprising Cave is really famous among all who visit the area of Bo Hon Island. And no Halong Bay kayaking tour can be complete without a visit to Sung Sot Cave.

This cave is unique for being filled with rocky islands with various distinct and strange shapes inspiring a wide range of fascinating images of humans and animals. These countless wonders of geological formations are what you cannot easily find in any other caves in Halong Bay. When viewed after a few first steps, the inner cave appears as a narrow and minuscule cave just above the waterline, while after just a few more steps closer into the inside, you will realize how large the cave really is, how small and steep the path leading to such a massive, airy, and breathtaking cave is as well as how amazing the source of light you can expect to see inside.

Get ready to be amazed by the brilliant blue glow which comes from the entrance!

Dau Go Cave (Wooden Stakes Cave)


Dau Go Cave

Attached with the ancient and majestic beauty, Dau Go Cave is one of the must-visit destinations on your Vietnam tailor-made tour.

What to do inside the impressive cave on Dau Go Island? Floating on the emerald water to watch these incredible visual effects created by the water illuminated by sunlight is interesting. But seeing and touching a massive system of stalagmites and stalactites resembling stony waterfalls while letting your imagination go beyond the ability and intellect of the human beings sounds much more amazing.

Thien Cung Cave (Paradise Cave) – one of the most charming caves in Halong Bay


Thien Cung Cave

So what to prepare for your next Halong Bay tours? All you will need is just a few dollars (a 250,000 VND-Halong-Bay pass) together with a good pair of sneakers to fully enjoy the beauty of the cave in the south-west side the bay.

The 10,000-sq.-meter area of the Paradise Cave represents the very animated and overwhelming beauty of these ever-growing stalactites and stalagmites drooping through million years,  bubbling streams, and four colossal pillars that support the roof of heaven that can be compared with a one-of-a-kind meticulous fine-art museum. However, its entrance nestled in the jungle growing over that it took scientists and even researchers with the proper gear much time to find out.

As a result, as opposed to the Surprising Cave, which was discovered in the early 1900s (estimated in 1901), the Thien Cung Cave in the north of Dau Go Cave was found a little late – in the late 1900s (estimated in 1993). So how was the mysterious cave’s 130-meter-long girth discovered? In a big storm in 1993, several fishermen, who were stuck in the south-west side the bay, accidentally found this large cave as a shelter. Since then, more and more people have come here to see how alluring and imposing the natural beauty is.

Exploring the beauty and splendor of nature hidden in caves in Halong Bay has recently become increasingly easier than ever before thanks to the development of discoveries and technologies. To all adventure seekers all over the world, my advice is not to miss any magnificent caves on your Halong Bay tours.

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