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Time to put aside Halong Bay and save time for Quan Lan Island


If Halong Bay tours are the only option you think you are about to be offered in Northern Vietnam, let’s think again. Lying offshore of Quảng Ninh Province, a lesser-known isolated island is going to be a newly emerging tourist attraction, and guess what, Vietnamese locals seem to actually fancy it. Here is an introduction of Quan Lạn Island, a local sharing on how to get there, as well as a written must-do activity for Northern Vietnam travel beginners.


Quan Lạn Island

Why should you give Quan Lạn a go?

Quan Lạn Island (Quảng Ninh) is expected to be a brand new potential candidate that goes against Halong Bay in the list of must-see sites for local Vietnamese. In addition to its initial primitive landscapes and the deep blue sea, Quan Lạn Island attracts its visitors by a collection of historical relics that marked the battles Vietnamese fighters against Northern invaders.


Owning a serene space

Arriving in at Quan Lạn from mainland

If you are either a part of a Vietnam tailor-made tour or heading to the island on your own, what you need to do at first is departing at Cái Rồng Wharf in Vân Đồn District to grab a ticket for a speedboat or starting from Hòn Gai Boat Station in Bạch Đằng Ward, Hạ Long City. After spending an hour riding across Bái Tử Long Bay, now it is time to conquer Quan Lạn Island for your own good.

Conquer Quan Lạn as a real local

Moving around with an exceptional vehicle

The very first impression left inside every single Vietnamese at their arrival on the island is the wide use of Túc Túc, a three-wheel vehicle crossing the magnificent white sand dunes, the infinite beefwood fields lying against the dream-like seaside on the other side. If you are missing the old Tuk Tuk in your previous Thailand trip, why not have a look at Quan Lạn to figure out the difference between the two?


Conquer Quan Lạn with your besties

Quan Lạn Temple

After reaching your accommodation, take a short period of time to visit the first attraction you cannot skip on the island, Quan Lạn Temple. The solemn site recalls the contribution of General Trần Khánh Dư who led the combat between heroes and subjects under the ruling of the Trần Dynasty against the massive invasion of Mongolian – Yuan allies.


Quan Lạn Temple

The breathtaking beaches

Owning one of the best tours in Vietnam to Quan Lạn Islands when summertime comes, one of the must-do activities is definitely laying back on the serene seaside. Some fantastic beaches that you should note down right away are Làng Beach or Sơn Hào Beach and a lot more. These sites are located not far away from downtown. Such pristine beaches were born with a silky sand, chilling water and reaching a fine level or purity. Do not forget to welcome the fishing boats back shore for a purchase of the newly-caught seafood at a super lovely price.

Tân Đoài Fish Market

If sleeping misses your chance of seeing the fishermen back home, then heading straight to the local Tân Đoài Market, which can be found right close by Quan Lạn Temple.


Fishing boats

Biking around the island

If a kayaking Halong Bay tour is on your must-do list when wandering around Halong Bay, then joining a biking tour is something that makes you fall in love with Quan Lạn Island. With only VND 80.000 for a rental bike within a day, you can freely pay a visit to Minh Châu Beach or trot around the island on your own.

Picking the right accommodation

Now, it’s time to select a few options for your consideration of a peaceful night on the island. Guest houses are the most popular which sit on the coast of Sơn Hào Beach. With this pick, you will get to join in the camping site with the locals, get on a fishing boat offshore for a catch of squid and fish.


Where to stay in Quan Lạn?

Homestay is another consideration. Living with the native Quan Lạn islanders would fulfill your trip with a lot of fun. Simply living and eating with the locals, searching for squids every single night, digging for some peanut worms when morning comes is what lives up your whole excursion.

With our help above, kill off your fear by asking for a visit to the island after signing up for your Halong Bay tours. Do not forget to request a local guide!

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