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Overnight Experiences on Ha Long Cruise


It is undeniable that having an overnight Ha Long Bay tour in the luxurious cruise will give you the memorable experiences and memories.

Which time of the year is suitable for an overnight cruise trip on Ha Long Bay

In the north, the most suitable and beautiful time in summer to travel and have a boat trip on Ha Long Bay is from April until October. In particular, one big advantage of summer is the low tourist season of Ha Long cruises from April to September every year. But it is a golden time for tourists to enjoy the cruise trip on Ha Long Bay because of the favorable weather for a Ha Long tour and the cheaper tour price (usually 10 – 30% cheaper than peak season).

Some interesting activities in Ha Long Bay cruise trip that you should not ignore


Kayaking is an extremely enjoyable experience. Tourists can freely go kayaking in the midst of blue water or watch the wonders of nature through the unique and illuminated images of thousands of limestone islands. Caves with numerous stalactites on Ha Long Bay have enchanted many visitors and by kayaking, they will have a chance to look upward and experience the new feeling. When the kayak is sailed through unnamed islands, they can see the beauty of the coral reefs, the tiny flocks of fish that floated up and swam across the ocean.

Visiting the fishing village

By taking an overnight cruise trip on Ha Long Bay, travelers will be able to visit Vung Vieng Fishing Village, which is 24 km off the land. Vung Vieng Fishing Village is located in a quiet, peaceful location with the charming scenery. More than 160 people living in this village still retain traditional features of fishing communities on Ha Long Bay. That is the reason why visiting this fishing village becomes an attractive thing to do in Ha Long.


Vung Vieng fishing village

Riding bamboo basket boats

Along with the kayaking service, riding basket boat is a type of activities that visitors are very interested in and would love to experience during Ha Long group tours. Each basket boat can ride from 4 to 6 people. The fishermen living in the fishing village will row and take visitors to visit the caves, limestone islands, etc. That way, tourists can totally immerse themselves in the fresh air of the sea, take a bunch of photos, talk to the enthusiastic fishermen. During the tour, visitors will also enjoy the song about Ha Long Bay of the funny fishermen in order to bring visitors the intimate feeling and love.


Riding a basket boat

How to select the suitable cruise on Ha Long Bay?

In order to help visitors choose the right night cruise, today in this article, we will give you some recommendation of the cruise names and the high-quality services that many Vietnam tour operators book for their visitors on Ha Long Bay.


Luxury cruise on Ha Long Bay

The most luxurious one is the Emperor Cruise 6* with 6-star service, luxurious boat facilities, high-quality services for visitors to experience, the price of 6 – 7 million VND, but it varies in peak and low tourist season.

Some 5-star cruises can be counted such as LuxuryGolden Cruise 5*, Aphrodite 5*, Syrena 5*, Pelican 5*, Royal Wing 5*, Signature 5*, Starlight 5* with the price ranging between 3 and 5 million VND along with many high-quality services.

When it comes to 4-star cruises, there are Garden Bay 4*, La Vela 4*, Golden Cruise 4*. With the price ranging between 2 and 4 million, you can enjoy the full services on board.

How to select the right cabin?

You can choose from a variety of cabins such as cabins without windows, sea-facing cabins or suites with private balconies. Each cabin comes with the different facilities and price.

– If you travel with children, it is highly advised to choose the cruise or cabins without private balconies to create safety. In addition to that, you should choose the cabin far from the engine room to avoid noise for your family.

– If you are seasick, you should choose the cabins on the lower floor and the ones arranged in the middle of the cruise to minimize the vibration.


Private room with balcony

– If you go on a Ha Long Bay tour as a couple, then you should choose the rooms with private balconies to enjoy the romantic moment when watching the sunset and sunrise in a private space (for example, Au Co Cruise, Victoria Star Cruise, Paradise Cruise, etc.) In addition, to save money, you can choose the cruises with 3 – 4 stars because, in these cruises, luxury rooms also have a private balcony to create the private and romantic feeling.

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