Most amazing caves in Vietnam


Vietnam is becoming one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Asia as well as in the world thanks to its beautiful natural sceneries. It is undisputed that you will never regret spending your holiday in Vietnam. The country can satisfy almost kinds of tourists coming here. Recently, both foreign and domestic travelers are interested in exploring natural sceneries. One of the Vietnamese proudness is the system of breathtaking caves which are even listed on the most beautiful caves in the world. Now, if you are someone who is crazy with discovering wild nature, experience with our Vietnam tour operator through pristine caves to have the most memorable moments in your Vietnam trips.

Son Doong Cave

In 2010, Son Doong is determined as the largest caves in terms of the size of the cross-section. Its length is more than five kilometers and the height can reach to 200 meters. The five-day expedition of tour company Oxalis in 2013 officially published Son Doong Cave to everyone. Nowadays, the destination welcomes an uncountable number of tourists coming here every year. However, the number of travelers is limited by 10 ones per departure. The tours often are carried out from February to August once per week. Each tour is like an adventurous but quite interesting journey that brings to unforgettable experiences. In contrast, don’t worry because you have a group of skillful helper including caving experts, local guides, chefs, park rangers and many potters.

The adventure of exploring will be extremely exciting thanks to friendly and helpful people like that. The first explorers were quite surprised by its picturesque beauty. In their odyssey, they discovered the ecosystem in the special cave. The Mother Nature may flavor the land when creating a masterpiece like that. The cave is estimated to be shaped about 3 million years ago. There is a 2.5-kilometer river found in the cave and even some stalactites with the 70-meter height. Moreover, denizens of corals and stalactites are also found in the third largest cave in the world.


Travelers pitch camps inside the cave

In addition, there are two sinkholes that sunlight can go through and help plants in here grow up well. Thanks to that we have a tropic forest which is even called “Adam garden”.


The sinkhole of Son Doong Cave

You will have to shout how breathtaking it is. However, recently, the cave is in trouble when a financial big group wants to build a system of cable aiming to attract and serve tourists who want to explore Son Doong. The idea is objected vehemently by almost public. Therefore, many people especially nature lover are trying to appeal to save Son Doong Cave before everything become too late. Although the tourism development in here can help locals improve the daily life quality, people are needed to gain knowledge to protect the precious beauty of nature. The helloVietnam tour is a perfect choice for exploring and protecting the wild beauty of the cave.

Phong Nha – Ke Bang

The national park is also the place where Son Doong Cave is located. Moreover, the system of caves in here will make you unimaginably surprising. Although the scientists explored and investigate 44.5 kilometers of caves in here, tourists with a tour operator in Vietnam just can travel and contemplate the majestic nature in 1500 meters. Actually, almost travelers are shocked when hearing about the uncountable number of caves in here.


Phong Nha-Ke Bang

Moreover, the eco-system in Phong Nha Cave is various and attracts all people having chances of visiting here. Along with the system of the picturesque and pristine cave, Phong Nha- Ke Bang even has the system of underground rivers which is recognized as the longest ones in the world. Because of the unique limestone caves, the map of rivers in here is quite complex. The three main rivers in here are Chày River, Son River, Troóc River.  All of them flow into Gianh River and then run to the South China Sea. Furthermore, when visiting Phong Nha-Ke Bang, you even can contemplate the spectacular mountains, especially there is Co Rilata Mountain with the height of 1.128 meters and Co Preu with the height of 1.213 meters.


Marvelous nature makes everything seem to be small

In the national park, along with the caves with marvelous scenery, you even have special opportunities to visit the habitat of plants and animals in here. The scientists looked over many kinds of rare plants in right the national park. Thanks to the careful protection of the government, the ecosystem here are remained and developed steadily. Phong Nha-Ke Bang national park is even recognized as the World Heritage Site in 2003 for its geological values.

Tam Coc Bich Dong

Tam Coc Bich Dong is a part of limestone mountain range in Van Lam village, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh Province. The place is also recognized as the World Heritage site by UNESCO. Tam Coc means “three caves” in Vietnamese language and in reality, it includes three natural caves, specifically Cả Cave, Hai Cave and Ba Cave. The Cả Cave is the first and largest cave whose length is 127 meters and its entrance is 20 meters wide. When taking part in the trip like that with Vietnam tour operator, you will have chances to immerse yourself in marvelous nature. If you look the cave from outside view, you may feel that it is quite dark inside. In contrast, the inside space seems to be brighter than you think. If you choose the destination for your holiday, you should go visit all three caves because it doesn’t take too much of your time to move from the first one to others.


Sitting on the boats and contemplate the beauty nature

You have amazing experiences when sitting on boats and contemplating magnificent nature in Ninh Binh Province. Many international and Vietnamese tourists admit that traveling in here brought to them the unforgettable moments in their life. They feel peaceful when they are close to nature and forget hustle and bustle in their modern life that making them quite tired to exhausted. The astounding beauty created by Mother Nature is like a precious present for human beings.

Recently, people tend to explore the wild nature and want to be closer to nature. These travel with Vietnam tour operator one of the effective way of helping them escape from their busy daily life. Nature is like a mother and also a close friend giving them many meaningful and precious gifts. Vietnam is one of the luckiest countries given many gifts from Mother Nature. The system of caves in Vietnam is one of the most Vietnamese proudness because many of them are chosen as the World Heritage by UNESCO. Visit Vietnam and discover the wild and breathtaking nature in the S-shaped country, you will never regret whenever you think back on the trips. Human’s life is like travels. Let’s make your travels become meaningful and exciting more and more.

However, one of the most important things, when someone chooses to explore Vietnam caves, is the awareness of protecting the wild nature in here. When tourism has been developing in these areas, nature in here simultaneously is destroyed. Therefore, when if people still want to see beautiful nature, improve knowledge about environment day by day. And helloVietnam tours will help you do that. So, why don’t you pick the destinations for your holidays now?

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