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Legacy Yên Tử – A high-end lodge framed by a century-old mansion


Since the reputation of UNESCO’s Hạ Long Bay is better brought to the rest of the wanderlust community inside out of the country, the need of taking a Vietnam luxury tour to Quảng Ninh Province never seems to halt. Following up, a huge number of lodges of all types are also coming up to meet the various needs of visitors. One of the most remarkable is Legacy Yên Tử, a one-of-a-kind 5-star accommodation using a strong breath of traditional Vietnamese architecture.


Welcome to legacy Yên Tử

Get to know the sensation behind Quảng Ninh Province

You may have not heard about Quảng Ninh Province, yet chances are the name Hạ Long Bay, a new icon of UNESCO, must have been recalled quite a lot into your acknowledgment. As a matter of fact, Quảng Ninh is home to the phenomenal Halong Bay, which regularly attracts various luxury tours in Vietnam within the past couple of years. However, Halong Bay is not the only thing Quảng Ninh has to offer.


Above Quảng Ninh

The city is located as a part of Vietnam’s Northeast, filled with a wide range of limestone mountains and karst topography. Apart from such diversified and distinctive terrain, Quảng Ninh has brought to life a huge collection of authentic and exceptional delicacies. These can be counted as dried squid, fermented pork roll, peanut worm alongside diversified seafood.


A great escape

Legacy Yên Tử – When high-end resort and Buddhism collide

In order to enjoy such vivid and lively journey in Quảng Ninh, the city is now offering you a luxurious resort named Legacy Yên Tử, a 5-stars lodge designed by architect Bill Bensley, who is known to bring in a chain of fancy hotels across the Globe.


Amazing view

Legacy Yên Tử sits on Yên Tử historical site and landscape, which belongs to Uông Bí City, Quảng Ninh Province. For those who may not know, the venue plays a big role in the history of Vietnam as the cradle of Vietnamese Buddhism. Hence, there is nothing better than combining a pleasant trip along with a spiritual tourism journey conducted by a Vietnam luxury tour guide.


Buddhism-inclined bathroom

Using such advantage, the large space at Legacy Yên Tử gives out an utmost traditional architecture that inherits a long-founded Trần dynasty heritage in the XIII century as well as the finest elegant essence of the Trúc Lâm Yên Tử Buddhism schooling.



Inside out of the building, its enclosing campus leads to a wild chain of various rooms, which all deliver a close-knit ambiance, yet still greatly features an authentic and special sense dating back to hundreds of years ago.


Traditional Việt architecture

Legacy Yên Tử offers its guests with a collection of 133 rooms in total, each of which showcases its own collection of hand-made furnishings and interior items that go just so well with the overall decoration. What makes Legacy Yên Tử even more unique is that every single lodge introduces an own set of wood-made brush and ink slab, which aims at presenting a long-established traditional writing method of the old Vietnamese. Furthermore, a large living room taking in more sunlight is also found. All these are able to bring Legacy Yên Tử to a whole new level that differs it against the rest of the accommodation in the city.


Rich in color

Not only the strong vintage vibe is found at Legacy Yên Tử, the resort apparently cannot go without its available up-scale services to fulfill your pleasant trip. These consist of an outdoor swimming pool, children playground, a bar, lounge, restaurant a lot more to come. All of these are regularly well taken care of all inside out.


Sleeping like a king

What we highly recommend you to give a go here is enjoying a great Vietnamese cuisine at Thọ Quang restaurant or savor the finest tea choice at Thiên Trà Lobby Bar when darkness gradually takes over the whole campus. Other than that, there is a large convention lounge with a full capacity of up to 800 guests, which makes it more than just a lodge for the best Vietnam luxury tour but also an ideal venue for VIP meetings.



With the given sneak-peek towards its stunning decoration and a wide range of available high-class services, Legacy Yên Tử is totally worth a Vietnam luxury tour in the mind of those making a great escape to this serene side of Vietnam.

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