Koi Bridge – a new attraction of Quang Ninh


Quang Ninh is a tourist hub in North Vietnam thanks to its beloved child – Halong Bay, which has been voted as one of the new Seven Wonders of Nature. As the number of tourists here increases rapidly, numerous attractions have been established to offer visitors with varied traveling experiences. Among the new spots in this province, Koi Bridge is definitely a must-mention name.

Koi Bridge

Where is Koi Bridge?

Koi Bridge belongs to Sun World Complex Halong – a massive entertainment complex that is highly appreciated by Vietnam local tour operators. The complex consists of various sections, one of which is the Zen Garden on Ba Deo Hill, which is only accessible by cable cars. This is an area with typical Japanese styles. There is no exaggeration to say that once stepping into this world, you will feel like you are paying a visit to the land of the rising sun, not Vietnam.

Koi fish in Japan

If you feel the name of the bridge is familiar, then you are right! In Japan, “koi” is the name of a beautiful fish that is believed to be a sacred symbol in their culture. The fish is said to be the symbol of hope and strength. Inspired by the image of “Koi” fish, the bridge is an integral part of the Zen Garden.

Its impressive structure

Based on the yin-yang theory in eastern culture, Koi Bridge consists of 02 bridges connecting the green hills of Zen Garden. The Yang bridge is 50 meters long and consists of 97 steps, offering tourists with the best sightseeing view over the surrounded area. The Yin bridge is beneath the Yang one, which is 56.4 meters long and consists of 103 steps. The bridge frame is made of steel while the other parts like the beams, the piers, and the bridge surfaces are all made from natural wooden materials.

Spectacular view from the bridge

The bridges are painted red. In Japanese culture, the bright red color stands for flame, for the sun, and for human’s manifestations. This color is also believed to be capable of exorcising and relieving the bad luck. Each of the details reminisces us of Japan – the land of Fusang and Sakura. With its impressive Japanese vibe, the bridge in particular and the garden, in general, has been attracting huge attention from Vietnam tour operator.
From Koi Bridge, travelers can get a broad view of the Zen Garden with typical Japanese details such as the gently curved roofs, Japanese lamps, the tiny model of Mount Fuji, the Koi fish lake, and so on. Also, you can see the majestic Halong Bay on the far-off ocean.
Not only stunning in the daytime, but Koi Bridge is also appealing at night. When the sun goes to sleep and the moon is up, the bridge is brightened like a fish swimming on the Milky Way. This scenery is so romantic that it was chosen to be the shooting place for a Vietnamese film.

How to get there?

With its fresh beauty and unique architecture, the bridge has drawn the attention of both the Vietnamese and foreign visitors ever since it was officially opened. The image of this bridge can be found anywhere on social networking sites. Undeniably, it has become a hot place that visitors should never miss when traveling to Halong.

Koi Bridge and Zen Garden from above

Indeed, this bridge is now more popular with domestic travelers as it is still very new and many Vietnam local tour operators have not included it in the itineraries for international visitors yet. If you travel on your own, you can pay a visit to Sun World Halong Complex to buy a ticket to get there. You will go to the Queen Cable Car to get to Ba Deo Hill, where the bridge is situated.
However, as it might be hard to queue up to buy tickets and find ways to this place, it is better to go with a reputable travel agency. You can find the best tour operator in Vietnam to book a tailor-made tour to this destination. You can rest assured when going with them.
Together with the Golden Bridge in Danang, Koi Bridge is one of the two most famous bridges in Vietnam these days thanks to its spectacular beauty. Do not hesitate to contact helloVietnam tour operator to prepare for a promising Halong trip!

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