Iconic Halong Bay Restaurants That Every Visitor Should Check Out (Part 3)


Going on your Halong Bay tours for the very first time? We, not surprisingly, have some ideas on what to do. Firstly, be well-prepared to be on very popular terms with cruise experience, whether it is a night cruise or a 3-day-2-night cruise. Secondly, do not leave Halong Bay without taking part in an array of outdoor activities like swimming, sunbathing, diving, kayaking, etc., even if your Halong tour is limited to 24 hours. In no way could it ever bring the fun. Thirdly, maybe don’t do anything else but sample Halong’s cuisine, especially fresh seafood?

With a whole lot of awesome restaurant options to sort through, you might find it hard to choose just only address to check out. Hope that our recommendations will lead you.

Green Mango Restaurant (Nhà Hàng Xoài Xanh)


Green Mango Restaurant

The seafood-highlighted old standby sports an elegantly-designed dining room with a hip indoor and trendy setting and top-notch white-tablecloth service for both tasting-menu and à la carte experiences. Amuses consist of the harbor view and the unexpected yet delicate bites of tapas – a Spanish appetizer or snack.

Then you take a seat at an empty private table, order your food, and sink your teeth into tapas – a Spanish appetizer or a snack, a ridiculously fresh seafood dishes, and delectable desserts, and enjoy every single bite of it!

  • Address: 1-4 Street, Cat Ba Town – The heart of Cat Ba (Cát Bà) Island;
  • Opening hours: 6.00.A.M. – 11.00.P.M. daily

Panorama Restaurant


Panorama Restaurant

A critical feature that helps define Halong City’s cuisine is seafood. And one of the most important factors that make Panorama Restaurant one of the splurge-worthy fine dining spots is the excellent Vietnamese and Western cuisine served in both à la carte menu and tasting menu.

The restaurant on the 14th floor of Saigon-Halong Hotel does not exactly scream seafood restaurant, but seafood dishes here are always a must-try. Even though the dishes here might be rather expensive, the hefty helpings are big enough to share with your family members. Don’t miss it on your Halong Bay tour for family!

  • Location: No. 168 Halong Road (Hạ Long), Bai Chay Ward (Bãi Cháy), Halong City (Hạ Long), Quang Ninh Province (Quảng Ninh);
  • Opening hours: 6.00.A.M. – 12.00.P.M. daily;
  • Price range: VND 120,000 – 385,000 (USD 5.2-16.7);
  • Telephone: 0203 3842 350.

Phuong Vi Restaurant (Nhà Hàng Phượng Vĩ)

While many of Halong City’s more famous restaurants, like Panorama, gained their recognition by serving an extensive menu with lavishly-prepared meals at prices only the ones with a generous budget for dining experiences could afford, Phuong Vi Restaurant gains its fame by a wide range of seafood – like a seafood market.

If you want to sample seafood as much as possible on your Halong Bay tours, make sure to visit Phuong Vi Restaurant!

  • Address: No 97 Halong Road (Hạ Long), Bai Chay Ward (Bãi Cháy), Halong City (Hạ Long), Quang Ninh Province (Quảng Ninh);
  • Price range: VND 100,000-300,000 (USD 4.3-13);
  • Telephone: 0203 3846 574

Linh Dan Restaurant (Nhà hàng Linh Đan)


Linh Dan Restaurant

Not all seafood in Halong City is cooked in the same way, and the Linh Dan Restaurant’s mouthwatering and sumptuous menu of Vietnamese, Asian, and Western foods continues to stand the test of time for a good reason. Experienced chefs at Linh Dan comb the Gulf of Tonkin’s waters to showcase pristine seafood in imaginative ways: Halong’s fresh seafood is perfectly accompanied by seasonal vegetables, well-marinated with Vietnamese spices, and cooked in the simplest way to preserve its original flavors.

  • Địa chỉ: No 104 Bai Chay Street (Bãi Cháy), Halong City (Hạ Long), Quang Ninh Province (Quảng Ninh);
  • Opening hours: 09:00 AM – 10:30 PM;
  • Price range: VND 100,000 – 250,000 (USD 4.3-10.8);
  • Telephone: 033 3846 025 – 0914 634 598

Right now, there is no place to eat as exciting as Halong City. Freshly made and rich in flavor, these cheap cash-only dishes from these top iconic Halong Bay restaurants are a must-do for anyone on their Halong food tour.

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