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Having a fantastic day with kayaking Halong Bay tours


Kayaking Halong Bay tours always bring unforgettable moments to travelers. They can both enjoy being adventurers and contemplate natural landscapes in their own way.

Where can you get a kayak in Halong Bay?

Kayak can be found in various places in Halong Bay. You can simply rent a boat from some local people and ask them to drive you to Ti Top Island or the area where there are grottoes. Many agencies offer kayaking tours in Halong there. All you have to do is to pick one for yourself.


Kayaks for rent

It takes about 50,000 to 100,000 dongs per kayak ($2.14-$4.28) for 2 people. You can go to any tourist site that you like within one hour.

Where can you kayak?

  • Famous caves

There are a great number of magnificent grottoes in Halong Bay that you can pay a visit. Although traveling to them by boat is nice, you will love the caves, even more, when you visit them on a kayak. Some of the most prominent ones are:

-Hang Luon

-Dau Be

-Thien Cung

– Ba Trai Dao

Each of them can bring you different emotions.

Hang Luon Cave looks as though it was a gate to enter a fairy world. Created by an enormous limestone-mountain, the cave is only high enough for kayaks to go through. The sea-water behind it is greenish and smooth like a lake.

After Hang Luon Cave, Thien Cung is often the next stop of most travelers. It is regarded as “a paradise on Earth” due to a fictional and majestic charm. Also, the cave is filled with stalactites which have been naturally made for millions of years. Combining with the system of lights installed inside of the cave, they look mysterious and extremely impressive.


Hang luon cave

Because you cannot bring your kayak into Thien Cung Cave, it is recommended to lock it off and follow the directions of your tour guide. If you want to visit a grotto where a kayak can easily go through, Ba Ham Cave will be a perfect option. It is relatively low so you have to lower your head when getting inside.

In some segments, you even have to bend your back and use your hands instead of oars to push your kayak forward. However, your Halong Bay tours will become worthwhile when you can see the cave with your own eyes and discover its mystification.

  • Fishing villages

Apart from caves, fishing villages are quite interesting destinations to visit by kayak. The most common ones for tourists are Cong Dam, Cua Van, and Vung Vieng Village. All of them have an imposing beauty of nature and romantic attractiveness of floating houses.

If you want to see the magnificence of nature, Cong Dam Fishing Village is appropriate for you. It is said to be an outdoor geological museum that has been existing for over 300 million years. The reason is the ranges of limestone-mountains created by rocks overlapping one another. Although they are natural, the rocks line up as if they were man-made.

One unique feature that tourists can see in all of the ancient fishing villages is that most of the traditions and routines are well-preserved. The fishermen are penniless but poverty does not seem to bother them. Visiting the villages, especially Cua Van, you will have a chance to talk to the villagers and listen to their life stories.


Put on a life vest

They are also willing to take you and your kayak around to the cute little house in their village. Most fishing villages are located relatively far from Halong Bay so they are untouched and have a healthy environment. You will definitely have wonderful Halong Bay group tours when traveling to those with your friends.

Several experiences when taking a kayak trip

  • Do not hesitate to take a kayak tour if you never use an oar before. Many other tourists have this in common with you.
  • Remember to put on your life vest and wear it all the time to prepare for any circumstance.
  • It is recommended to have an instructor and follow his instructions. Even though you are experienced in kayaking, your instructor knows the direction and more familiar with the structure of Halong Bay than you.
  • One tip for those kayaking Halong Bay tours for the first time is to try to warm yourself up before starting rowing. Because the temperature of the water is always lower than that of your body, it will make you feel cold.
  • Wearing a hat, applying sun-cream, and bringing sunglasses are some necessary things to do.

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