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Halong Bay travel experiences (Part One)


As one of seven natural wonders of the world, Halong Bay is among the most popular destinations in Vietnam that attract millions of tourists each year. Travelling to Ha Long is not quite complicated but if you want to have a perfect trip to this charming destination, those below information from hellohalongbay is essential.

Halong weather

The weather in Ha Long Bay is divided into four distinct seasons. There are differences in the beauty of Ha Long in each season. The ideal time to travel is in summer since it is suitable for swimming, sunbathing as well as playing water sports. However, it is not recommended to travel in July and August, because it is the time for scattered storms in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Halong Bay tour

There are four distinct seasons in Ha Long (Source: Internet)

Luggage and transportation

Halong Bay travel

Travelling by seaplane is one of the most interesting experiences in Ha Long (Source: Internet)

If you visit in the summer or autumn, besides swimwear, diving suit, and other personal belongings, you should bring sunscreen to prevent sunburn. As for the winter, moisturizer is recommended to prevent dryness. Especially, seasick medicine is a must-have item for a tour on Halong Bay cruise. Last but not least, there are several caves in a Halong bay tour so it is better for ladies to wear sport shoes instead of high heels.

Halong City is nearly 200 kilometres away from Hanoi so it will take about 4 hours to travel from Noi Bai International Airport by cars. Apart from car and bus, there is a daily train departed at Gia Lam Station at 5 pm. However, please note that travelling by train will be more time-consuming than by car, about 1 hour more.  When arriving at Halong, you should buy a Halong map which is sold in many stores on streets to have a brief view about the transportation here.

Especially, there is a unique vehicle which has been recently launched to travel to Halong. It is seaplane. Travelling by seaplane, you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful picture of Halong from above as well as to save the travel time. If you want to transport by seaplane, you have to book in advance on the Internet through the website of Hai Au Airlines:

Halong Hotels and Resorts

Along the coast of Halong is a series of high-stand hotels such as Novotel, Saigon – Halong, Halong Plaza, Muong Thanh, Halong Pearl, Halong Royal and so on. The best advantage of those hotels is the panoramic view of the charming beach from the room’s balcony. The price for a double room here fluctuates from 2 million to over 3 million VND per night. In addition to luxury hotels, there are hotels with reasonable prices fluctuating from 800 thousand to 1500 thousand VND.

Vinpearl Ha Long

Vinpearl Halong (Source: Internet)

As for high-quality resorts, Vinpearl Halong is the most notably one which receives so many praises from both local and foreign tourists. Situated in Reu Island – a pristine and unspoilt island in the bay, Vinpearl is an ideal luxurious resort with first-class room system, excellent facility and perfect services. A unique feature of Vinpearl that leave the deepest impression on tourists is the world-class neoclassical architecture which makes you feel like living in a palace in the middle of the sea.

Remember to book in advance especially during summer vacation because this is the peak season in this well-known destination. Hope this information about Halong Bay travel experiences is useful for your upcoming vacation.

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