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Halong Bay travel experience (part 2)


In part one, you are provided essential information on what should be brought along with and how to travel to Halong Bay. Halong Bay travel experience part 2 will recommend you some must-visit places in a Halong tour.

Entertainment spots in the city

Before traveling to the bay, you should spend one day at least to explore the bustling Halong City by visiting spots:

Sun World Halong Park: the largest entertainment complex in Halong City. The complex consists of 5 main areas: Dragon Park, Swamp Park, Ba Deo Amusement Park, Sun World Beach and Shopping & Dining Area. Especially, you can experience the overhead cable car and the Sun World’s  Wheel in Ba Deo Amusement Park to admire the breathtaking panoramic view of Halong Bay from above. The entrance fee for an adult is 300,000 VND including tickets for the cable car, Sun wheel, and Ba Deo Amusement Park).

Sun Wheel

Sun Wheel in Sun World Halong Park (Source: Internet)

Tuan Chau International Amusement Park: as a must-visit attraction in a Halong tour, Tuan Chau International Amusement Park is opened from 7:30 am to 22:30 pm daily. It features unique entertaining programs, such as water music performance, seal and sea lion show, the circus with performances of crocodiles and monkeys, 5D movie theatre. Additionally, there are many games for children in the outdoor amusement park like rodeo, electric car, and mysterious house.  The ticket for an adult is 200,000 VND per person.

Tuan Chau International Amusement Park

Tuan Chau International Amusement Park from above (Source: Internet)

Bai Chay Bridge: As a reinforced cable-stayed concrete bridges with a main span length of up to 435m, Bai Chay is set as the world record for the longest bridge among this type of bridges. Cycling on the bridge, you will see a miniature Halong Bay with a modern residential city on one side and the peaceful sea on the other.

Bai Chay bridge

Bai Chay Bridge set the world record for the longest reinforced cable-stayed concrete bridge (Source: Internet)

Night Market: Night Market is a cultural feature of local people in Halong. The market sells a variety kinds of stuff from clothes to fine art items for tourists to buy as a memory of the trip. It is recommended that you should make a bargain because the market is opened mainly for tourists so the price is pretty high.

If you prefer crowded and vibrant places, there are a lot of bars and night clubs on Bai Chay Street. However, those bars are not opened overnight and start to turn down the music after midnight.

Halong Cuisine

The most popular food in Halong is definitely seafood. Particularly, there are many kinds of seafood dishes that can only be found in Halong such as Squid sausage, sea snails, and Ngan – a species of Arca Wine. You can visit Cai Dam Market to buy fresh seafood or enjoy prepared dishes in restaurants on Ben Doan Street. Recently, an emerging type of restaurant that attracts a lot of tourists is pontoon boat – a mini floating restaurant on the sea. Seafood served on pontoon boat are caught directly undersea by fishermen so it still keeps the fresh flavor of the sea.

Squid sausage

Squid sausage – the most favorite food in Halong (Source: Internet)


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