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Halong is a stunning city in Quang Ninh. It’s also the most attractive destination with a lot of beautiful landscapes and interesting site to visit in Halong bay tours. One of the must-see places you shouldn’t miss for the best tours in Halong Bay is Quang Ninh Museum – a unique site in this province.

1. Overview

Quang Ninh Museum is located on the coastal road embracing the eastern shore of Halong city. This museum is a wonderful cultural tourist site and a highlight of this land. The giant complex was invested more than 900 billion VND for the construction. And, Quang Ninh Museum is the first official museum built in this province. Right after the opening ceremony, this museum has been one of the most favorite destinations in Quang Ninh preferred by both local people and tourists on their Halong bay tour packages.


[Quang Ninh Museum]

2. Attractions

The design of this museum looks like a flock of coal with the black glass coat. These glass walls look like giant mirrors which reflect the beautiful sea, beaches, sky, and surrounding nature, making an impressive scenery. In the outdoor display area, there is a giant block of coal which got the Vietnamese record for the largest coal block weighing up to 28 tons. Moreover, there are many other interesting fine-art sculptures.


[The treasure of Quang Ninh Museum]

The inner exhibiting space of Quang Ninh Museum has 3 floors, displaying the most basic and unique features of this land in all aspects, including space, time, from the past up to now, from the mountainous areas to the plain and coastal area, giving you a wonderful Halong culture tour. You can see many impressive items which also have high scientific value. Contrary to the black color outside, white color is the main concept of the inner space, setting off the objects in the exhibiting rooms.


[The modern design of Quang Ninh Museum]

3. The exhibition space

The first floor is the space of the sea and nature. The unique feature of this floor is 4 exhibition columns shaped like the mountain and covered by a cloth with a picture of rock mountains in Halong bay on. They also use the light to make the sea wave effect so that you will feel like you’re going inside this majestic bay and enjoy your nice Halong bay tours. In each column, there is a unique model of the formation of the earth, sea, and marine ecosystems, endemic flora, and fauna, insects, etc. In addition to Led screens showing the documentary in different themes, there is a 3D projection system to give the visitors the feeling of “walking on the seabed”.


[The first floor]

In the second floor, there are many interesting exhibitions. With the boat-like design, this sector will give you an exciting journey from the past to the present. You will see a lot of archaeological items of different periods like prehistory and early modern period, sketching a vivid picture of Quang Ninh through ups and downs. The exhibition room of Quang Ninh in the Vietnam War against the French was designed and decorated as a forest symbolizing the heroic Dong Trieu zone. Whereas, the exhibition space of the anti-American period is placed in a cabin-like room to remind the visitors of the victory of the Air Force.


[Geographic exhibition in the museum]

The spiritual cultural space is located in a separate area. In this sector, there are many models related to Yen Tu and Truc Lam Dharma, such as Dong Pagoda model and many precise ancient items. In the final sector, there is a wonderful exhibition of pictures of Uncle Ho with Quang Ninh. Quang Ninh was very honored to welcome Uncle Ho to visit this land 7 times. In 1946, Uncle Ho visited and praised this land which owns a beautiful and rich coal mine as well as brave miners. There are many other historical documents which are very valuable in educating people in Quang Ninh nowadays, especially the young generation.


[Document exhibition in the museum]

There are a lot of other interesting and attractive things you can explore in Quang Ninh Museum. With the unique design, beautiful decoration, impressive architecture, and a great number of historically and culturally valuable objects, this museum would give you an unforgettable culture tour to the pretty Halong bay.

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