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A memorable visit to Halong Bay – a perfect honeymoon getaway in Vietnam


For many vacationers planning their Vietnam honeymoon, Halong Bay is the premier choice – which offers a taste of just about everything they are looking for, from jaw-dropping landscape to impressive wildlife and a wide range of fascinating outdoor activities.

While on a Vietnam honeymoon tour here, you can have a romantic dinner with your beloved one on board, snorkel alongside different types of colorful coral reefs, or simply lounge along some of Halong Bay's most notable beaches and watch the sunrise or sunset over this charming Bay.

Why not go to Halong Bay to explore the incredible world of romance that awaits the two of you on your Vietnam honeymoon.

Best time to go on a Vietnam honeymoon tour in Halong Bay?

Best time to visit Halong Bay

Best time to visit Halong Bay

Halong Bay’s weather can be simply divided into 4 defined seasons: cool spring, hot humid summer, warm autumn, and cold dry winter. Winter from November to March can bring lower temperature and drizzles. Meanwhile, summer often starts as late as May and lasts until early September, is renowned for much sunshine but clear bright sky. Summer temperatures range from warm to very hot with the average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius– in June and July in particular, you can even feel stifling. A higher chance of storms and typhoon can occur in Halong Bay during July, August, and September.

Spring (March and April) and autumn (September and October), meanwhile, are the best time to visit to experience the delightful weather, the pleasant temperatures, the clear and bright sky, perfect for high chances of outdoor activities.

What to do on a honeymoon tour in Halong Bay?

Enjoy a romantic meal with your beloved one

A romantic meal with your sweetheart

A romantic meal with your sweetheart

If your definition of a perfect honeymoon involves memorable meals as a grandiose manner of celebrating your honeymoon and a side of Northern Vietnam charm, put Halong Bay into your itinerary and go to this spectacular region. Relax on the deck while you watch the impressive skyline. What a one-of-a-kind memory!

Enjoy your beach vacation

Beach holiday in Halong Bay

Beach holiday in Halong Bay

Your bodies might never be in better shape than on your honeymoon and you are eager to show off them? Or simply like it hot? Look no further than a Halong Bay beach vacation! Soaking up the sun on its long sandy beaches, swimming in the great mountains’ shadow, and immersed in the exciting vacation vibe all tempt honeymoon couples and other romantics.

Kayaking to discover less-known undulating and hidden islands and islets

Hundreds of honeymooners venture to Halong Bay for best tours for couples in Vietnam for its extensive beaches, unlimited sun, powdery sands, exceptional cruises or junks, and atmosphere. But it is also great for adventure-loving duos: experience riding on Cat Ba Island, rock climbing to get your heart racing, exploring mysterious grottoes and hidden caves, or kayaking between karsts limestone outcrops to discover the less-known undulating and hidden islands and islets.

For a little more privacy on a romantic Halong Cruise on your honeymoon tour in Vietnam, all your dollars are not necessarily spent on desk, where all very local, all with every other single person also on their honeymoon but also for experience on some isolated private islets such as Ban Sen, which is thickly covered with a tropical forest or Rang Dua Island (Coconut Tree Island) – which still preserves its pristine and untouched beauty.

Experience night squid fishing

Night squid fishing

Night squid fishing

Halong Bay is one of the best places for a Vietnam honeymoon tour as the atmosphere at night is as lively as the activities available during the day. If kayaking is a must during the day, night squid fishing is what you should not miss at night.

Drop a bunch of hooks into the water, have the onboard chefs cook squids for and then dip the freshly-caught and -cooked in delicious sauce with a little salt, lemon, chili while watching sparkling Halong Bay at night. It is a memory of a lifetime.

“Which is the best place to visit for an unforgettable honeymoon tour in Vietnam?” is the most popular question arising in the midst of wedding planning. Our recommendation? Head to Halong Bay for your post-wedding romantic vacations in Vietnam, which are full of funny and exciting memories!

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