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A local’s guide to nightlife in Halong


Halong – the worldwide famous tourist attraction in Vietnam seems to never sleep at night. Besides the irresistibly beautiful Bay with thousands of limestone islets surrounded by turquoise sea water, Halong has another appealing side to explore. Beaming with various activities in the evening, the city of Halong by night will never let you down. Let’s see what to do at night when taking Halong Bay group tours.


Night on the Bay

The lights are on, turning nightlife in Halong into an even more attractive look. Many travelers love to take a luxurious overnight cruise to spend their night on the ocean. They can have dinner on a romantic secluded beach or enjoy the fresh cool air of the sea while watching the sparkling night sky. It is a good way to run away from the hustle and bustle of the life and ease their soul. On the contrary, other people prefer the noisy and dynamic vibe of the city more. Rather than enjoying the tranquility on the ocean, they like to spend their nights on the exciting activities that happens in the city center.

Conquer Halong Night Food Street

The night food street is situated on Ben Doan Street, Hong Gai. The night market occurs from 4:30 in the afternoon to 12:00 a.m., covering a total area of around 11,000 m2. There are approximately 90 stalls in total, 30 of which are covered stalls while the rest are outdoor ones. The market offers various choices of foods and snacks for customers to enjoy.


Halong Food Street

Here you can try all kinds of food, ranging from fine dishes to rustic local delicacies. There is also a chance to sample the specialties of different regions in Vietnam. And of course, the fresh seafood is a cannot-miss food when traveling to a coastal city.

Hang out at bars and clubs

If you are what to do in Halong at night, going to the bar is absolutely a should. There is not as many bars and pubs as in the metropolitans like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, yet Halong still has attractive ones.


Halong seems to never sleep at night

Nothing is better than spending your night with friends on a crowded and cozy bar or pub to have a drink and get immersed in the music. Halong’s bars and pubs provides you with drinks, foods, snacks, music, and light to enjoy till very late at night. There are even brilliant and beautiful dancers who dances enthusiastically with the music. Taking a sip of beer and swaying to the music are good ways to release all the stress and fatigue of the daily life. Some dynamic bars and pubs with loud music in Halong are Ba Hang Bar, Halong View Club, Karaoke Diamond Club, Caption Club, and Club 18.


Club in Halong

There are also quiet clubs and lounges for those who love to enjoy the quietness. There are tasty delicacies, good drinks, soft light, and sweet music. Many also have great views over the magnificent Halong Bay. These bars and lounges are exceptionally suitable for couples and newly-weds. It would be wonderful to sit Some recommended ones are Novotel’s Lobby Longue Bar, La Plaza Bar & Lounge, and Flightless Bird Café.

Play in Halong’s Casino

Another fancy activity to do in Halong Bay group tours is to go to the Royal International Gaming Club – one of the 5 biggest legal casinos in Vietnam. The casino consists of 70 slots and 18 tables, providing places for travelers to play slot, video poker, baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and sic bo. 70 slots are available with minimum denominations of 0.25 USD to 1 USD while table game denominations are from minimally 1 USD – 20 USD to maximally 20,000 USD. Additional to the casino, the Royal International Gaming Club, Hotel & Spa Resort also includes a luxurious resort with more than 160 fully equipped rooms and villas. Some additional services such as spa, pool, massage, KTV, bar, and restaurant are also available here.


Casino in Halong

Even though there are not many activities to take part in at night, the fascinating activities above will surely bring you a different feeling about Halong. If you are still wonder where to go in Halong by night, do not hesitate to go to one of the above. The fancy vibe of these places will never let you down.

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