Get Lost In The Dragon Eye Island With Halong Bay Tours


Ha Long Bay is a group of spectacular islands, the result of thousands of years of geological formation. Each island here is like a wonderful gift that Mother Nature has given to people. However, there is an island maintaining the wild beauty and hiding many interesting things that few people know, namely Dragon Eye Island.

Located in the southern part of Halong Bay (Quang Ninh Province), adjacent to Lan Ha Bay Area (Cat Ba, Hai Phong), Dragon Eye Island is also known as Hon Bai Dong. The island is an extremely popular destination for most Halong Bay tours.

Wilderness and primitive views are the attractions and specialties of the island. Viewed from above, the island looks like the side of the dragon head with a circular pond resembling the dragon’s eye. That is also the reason why people call this island by the name Dragon Eye Island.


The Dragon Eye Island from high above

Dragon Eye Island has an area of ​​about 30 hectares. The bow-shaped island is covered by two large rocky mountains and smooth white sand. There is a natural white sand beach, stretching from 300 to 400 meters with unique and magnificent natural scenery. Along with that, the island has a primeval green forest, flora, and flowers along the beach and on cliffs.

The highlight of this island is the Dragon Eye Lake holding green water between the rocky mountains and primary forest. From the pier, passing the forest road about 100 meters will lead to Dragon Eye Lake. Far away, the lake is like a green jade. Visitors will be fascinated by the clear blue water because they even can see the bottom.

If wanting to get inside the “Dragon Eye”, tourist have to follow the ladder system to reach the top of the mountain and then drop down.


The “Dragon Eye”

Setting foot on the island, visitors will be impressed immediately by the fresh air and cool sea water of ​​the island. The blue water is a factor attracting visitors, especially for those who are keen on doing Kayak to explore the diverse ecosystem in the island. White sandy beach, blue water with the waves connecting each other creating the poetic beauty.


The white sandy beach in the Dragon Eye Island

Dragon Eye Island has many birds, they sing all day in the grove. Guests can lie on the sand, feel the pure wind getting through each mountain, hear birds singing, which is so comfortable. In a peaceful space, immersing yourself in nature and examining the pristine, diverse ecosystem is definitely a memorable experience for everyone.

Bai Dong has long been identified as a destination for the Halong Bay tours and is one of the conservation areas in the Halong Bay. However, this place is still an off the beaten track spot in Halong which is one of the reasons why the island still preserves its wild beauty. No phone waves, no restaurants, no hotels and no service; Dragon Eye again makes many people want to conquer, especially those who are adventurous.

If you want to have a lively BBQ party on the beach, you should prepare food in advance, bring drinks and supplies as they are not available on the island. Singing together, gathering with family, friends or colleagues amidst the vast sea will definitely unforgettable moments. And remember to clean up garbage before leaving here in order to keep the inherent beauty of the Dragon Eye island.

At present, projects for catering needs have been built by many investors, however, they have not been put into operation yet. The biggest difficulty is providing the fresh water for tourists. Expected in April 2016, the island will provide Halong Bay cruise services such as kayaking, float boats and more likely activities to welcome more guests this year.

To discover entirely the beauty of Dragon Eye Island travelers should choose the right time. Although nature here is amazing in four seasons and not all time visitors want to come here. Due to the type of tourism, getting here also depends on the weather.

Tourists should not come here in June and July because storms often happen, so boats can not reach. March, April and from August to October is the best time to visit Halong. You will find quite cool and comfortable because of the fresh air at this time.

At Bai Chay pier, tourists can buy tickets to Dragon Eye Island. From the mainland, it takes about two and a half hour to get to the island. Alternatively,  from the Jumbo Ocean Pier visitors reach Cot 5 Street (Ha Long city) for high-speed train tickets to the island, which takes only 45 minutes.

Exploring Son Ba Muoi, Thanh Hoa Province


Have you ever come to SaPa – top destination in Vietnam with the gorgeous beauty of nature? Best tours in Vietnam today would like to introduce you Son Ba Muoi which is well-known as floating Sapa of Thanh Hoa Province. Surely that you will fall in love with this place.

Son Ba is composed of three villages of Thai people, namely Son village, Ba village and Muoi, which are considered as separate areas of Ba Thuoc district. In the past, people wanted to go to Son Ba, they had to take a shortcut and cross the summit of Pha He, which took a half of day to reach Hoa Binh, cross the “sky gate” of Lung Van to Nam Son commune and then climbed the mountain.


Blossoms in spring

Now, it is more convenient because of the State’s investment, the road to Son Ba Muoi is being built to create conditions for people to travel and develop the economy. Especially, this place has the opportunity to develop diversified and rich ecotourism potential. Gradually, Son Ba Muoi will be a place for the best tours in Vietnam.

Considered as Da Lat, Sapa of Thanh Hoa, the average temperature in this place ranging from 18 to 22 degree Celcius. The weather is cool all the year round and the soil is very suitable for vegetables, roots.

Cao Son is almost completely separated from the outside world by the hardships of majestic mountains.  At an altitude of about 1,180 m above sea level, the Cao Son area is surrounded by mountain ranges that are scattered and dangerous because of the mystery. It attracts many domestic and foreign tourists to spend their Vietnam tours here and experience it. The journey to Son Ba Muoi is always an attractive challenge for anyone who has a passion for true discovery.

Tourists want to go to Cao Son to cross the high sloping forest trails and old dark forests with many dangers. On bad weather days, the road to Cao Son is a big challenge not only for tourists but also for indigenous people.


Son Ba

The most difficult is the slope of Tong Song Song 2.5 km, the road jagged rocky cat ears, thin as a thread, one side is high mountains, one side is the deep abyss. At that time, wanting to overcome Phung Binh, not only with two legs but forced to “mobilize” both hands to crawl.

However, when reaching the village and clean on the back of the mountain, immerse in the richness of the digging forest and the purple flowers cannot remember the names, visitors suddenly forget the difficulties on the road conquered harsh nature.

When finishing the meal, everyone sleeps on the floor. The locals get up really early. Son Ba Muoi appears in the midst of thousands of messages in green grass fields.

The stilts gradually appeared in the morning sunshine, the house was made entirely of precious wood and mist in early as blurry as the watercolor picture. From October of the previous year to April next year. The cold weather is preparing for the coming spring, which likes a factor makes the peach buds blossom promptly. It is also the best time to visit Thanh Hoa, Vietnam. Stand on the high overlooking Son Ba Muoi surrounded by mountains, hills are nothing better.

Son Ba has nearly 160 households, more than 8,000 people, mostly Thai. The natural area is just over 900 hectares, however, 500 hectares of it belong to Pu Luong Nature Reserve.

From Son village to Ba village, it takes about 3 hours of walking, the 10 village is in the middle with only 40 loom roofs between the hillside. For nearly 400 years, Thai people here still live in harmony with Pu Luong Nature Reserve, which preserves many cultural features, pristine values ​​of mountains and forests.

Up to now, many ancient Thai documents have been preserved as a treasure in the village. Head of Son Ba Muoi village, Mr. Ngan Van Lang brought back the ancient Thai writings about the history of the time and set up a house in the valley in the midst of this great city to see and read and translate in pride of ancestors.


Cao Son from the high

Son Ba Muoi recently has been a must-see destination in Vietnam, especially for those who want to explore the beautiful nature in the mountainous areas.

Cruise Ha Long Bay on a junk boat


Today Halong bay group tours will give you a new way to experience Ha Long Bay.


Ha Long Bay

I/ How to choose a suitable junk boat

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Ha Long Bay is the scenic cruise on tranquil blue waters. There are countless options that suit the requirements for each traveler.

There are a lot of Halong cruises with the prices varying from about 2 million, depending on the luxury of the cruise as well as schedule. To choose the right boat trip, you should first plan what time to go and how many days to go. Families with small children should choose a tour 2 days a night is enough and also suitable for short weekend travel.


Halong bay cruise Prince junk

II/ Baggage preparation for Halong bay tours

Ha Long cruise tour is short, so carrying too many items is not necessary. You do not have to prepare daily personal items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, bath gel, face towel because they are always available and free on the yacht.

III/ The great experience Which is only available on the tour to Halong Bay

  • Halong cruises are considered as a floating hotel on the sea. You will experience the feeling of spending the night in the bay in a luxurious cabin. The sound of light waves will bring you to sleep smoothly.

There is another way to go to Halong Bay without having to sleep at hotels. Sleeping on junk boat is one of the choices that many tourists are interested in. When taking a trip to explore Halong Bay on a night cruise, visitors will be able to watch the sunset on the red sails. Or the moment of dawn in the immense sky. You are completely immersed in the sea breeze between the vast sky. When night falls, you enjoy the quiet, starry night on the deck and sleep in the wind. This is one of the forms of travel that many travelers choose for their vacation. Come to Ha Long to discover the mystery here.

  • Cave visit will be an indispensable activity when coming to Ha Long Bay. Yachts will choose to stop park in the caves, not too crowded so that visitors easily feel the wild look, the wonderful beauty of stalactites that nature offers this wonderful Bay.

* Dau Go Cave – the ideal place for a Group tour in Halong Bay


Dau Go Cave

Dau Go Island is located on the Dau Go island, in the resistance in the war against Mongolia of ancient Vietnamese, Hung Dao King has made a lot of wood stakes to plug into the Bach Dang River and now left lots of wooden heads. The cave is about 5000m2 wide, the cave is 17m wide and 12m high, located at 27m above sea level, divided into 3 main chambers with many beautiful stalactites on the walls, the ceilings forming on the wall many vivid pictures.

* The Maze cave

The Maze cave is also one of the most beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay, located on Lom Bo Island, about 2km south west of Ti-Top Island. The entrance to the cave is small but opens up a magnificent space with a multi-compartment structure that makes visitors feel like they are stuck in a maze with lots of stalactites and strange shapes. This place is also referred to as the palace of the Persian emperors and the murmuring is the voices of Lady Seshegat, who is telling a thousand and one thousand stories to the king.



  • The next activity in the tour is swimming in beaches on Halong Bay. You will be able to wade the area between the cool blue water here. Alternatively, choose a kayak trip to the floating village or go for a walk in the cobblestones covered with moss.

Soi Sim is one of the islands to discover when coming to Ha Long Bay because of its unique features that attract tourists. The Soi Sim Island has been put into operation tourism less than 10 years. The most attractive to tourists when it comes to the island of Sim Sim is the blue of the plants growing on the island, in addition to beautiful wilderness, quiet space, the beach here is clear blue water, very clean, can be See the small fish are swimming. Perhaps, because of this, visitors to Soi Sim are very fond of swimming.

  • Join the boat tour Halong, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the Eurasian food with fresh seafood from grilled shrimp, ice cream with fish or fresh crab soup.

Halong Bay travel experiences (Part One)


As one of seven natural wonders of the world, Halong Bay is among the most popular destinations in Vietnam that attract millions of tourists each year. Travelling to Ha Long is not quite complicated but if you want to have a perfect trip to this charming destination, those below information from hellohalongbay is essential.

Halong weather

The weather in Ha Long Bay is divided into four distinct seasons. There are differences in the beauty of Ha Long in each season. The ideal time to travel is in summer since it is suitable for swimming, sunbathing as well as playing water sports. However, it is not recommended to travel in July and August, because it is the time for scattered storms in the Gulf of Tonkin.

Halong Bay tour

There are four distinct seasons in Ha Long (Source: Internet)

Luggage and transportation

Halong Bay travel

Travelling by seaplane is one of the most interesting experiences in Ha Long (Source: Internet)

If you visit in the summer or autumn, besides swimwear, diving suit, and other personal belongings, you should bring sunscreen to prevent sunburn. As for the winter, moisturizer is recommended to prevent dryness. Especially, seasick medicine is a must-have item for a tour on Halong Bay cruise. Last but not least, there are several caves in a Halong bay tour so it is better for ladies to wear sport shoes instead of high heels.

Halong City is nearly 200 kilometres away from Hanoi so it will take about 4 hours to travel from Noi Bai International Airport by cars. Apart from car and bus, there is a daily train departed at Gia Lam Station at 5 pm. However, please note that travelling by train will be more time-consuming than by car, about 1 hour more.  When arriving at Halong, you should buy a Halong map which is sold in many stores on streets to have a brief view about the transportation here.

Especially, there is a unique vehicle which has been recently launched to travel to Halong. It is seaplane. Travelling by seaplane, you will have the opportunity to admire the beautiful picture of Halong from above as well as to save the travel time. If you want to transport by seaplane, you have to book in advance on the Internet through the website of Hai Au Airlines:

Halong Hotels and Resorts

Along the coast of Halong is a series of high-stand hotels such as Novotel, Saigon – Halong, Halong Plaza, Muong Thanh, Halong Pearl, Halong Royal and so on. The best advantage of those hotels is the panoramic view of the charming beach from the room’s balcony. The price for a double room here fluctuates from 2 million to over 3 million VND per night. In addition to luxury hotels, there are hotels with reasonable prices fluctuating from 800 thousand to 1500 thousand VND.

Vinpearl Ha Long

Vinpearl Halong (Source: Internet)

As for high-quality resorts, Vinpearl Halong is the most notably one which receives so many praises from both local and foreign tourists. Situated in Reu Island – a pristine and unspoilt island in the bay, Vinpearl is an ideal luxurious resort with first-class room system, excellent facility and perfect services. A unique feature of Vinpearl that leave the deepest impression on tourists is the world-class neoclassical architecture which makes you feel like living in a palace in the middle of the sea.

Remember to book in advance especially during summer vacation because this is the peak season in this well-known destination. Hope this information about Halong Bay travel experiences is useful for your upcoming vacation.

Halong Bay travel experience (part 2)


In part one, you are provided essential information on what should be brought along with and how to travel to Halong Bay. Halong Bay travel experience part 2 will recommend you some must-visit places in a Halong tour.

Entertainment spots in the city

Before traveling to the bay, you should spend one day at least to explore the bustling Halong City by visiting spots:

Sun World Halong Park: the largest entertainment complex in Halong City. The complex consists of 5 main areas: Dragon Park, Swamp Park, Ba Deo Amusement Park, Sun World Beach and Shopping & Dining Area. Especially, you can experience the overhead cable car and the Sun World’s  Wheel in Ba Deo Amusement Park to admire the breathtaking panoramic view of Halong Bay from above. The entrance fee for an adult is 300,000 VND including tickets for the cable car, Sun wheel, and Ba Deo Amusement Park).

Sun Wheel

Sun Wheel in Sun World Halong Park (Source: Internet)

Tuan Chau International Amusement Park: as a must-visit attraction in a Halong tour, Tuan Chau International Amusement Park is opened from 7:30 am to 22:30 pm daily. It features unique entertaining programs, such as water music performance, seal and sea lion show, the circus with performances of crocodiles and monkeys, 5D movie theatre. Additionally, there are many games for children in the outdoor amusement park like rodeo, electric car, and mysterious house.  The ticket for an adult is 200,000 VND per person.

Tuan Chau International Amusement Park

Tuan Chau International Amusement Park from above (Source: Internet)

Bai Chay Bridge: As a reinforced cable-stayed concrete bridges with a main span length of up to 435m, Bai Chay is set as the world record for the longest bridge among this type of bridges. Cycling on the bridge, you will see a miniature Halong Bay with a modern residential city on one side and the peaceful sea on the other.

Bai Chay bridge

Bai Chay Bridge set the world record for the longest reinforced cable-stayed concrete bridge (Source: Internet)

Night Market: Night Market is a cultural feature of local people in Halong. The market sells a variety kinds of stuff from clothes to fine art items for tourists to buy as a memory of the trip. It is recommended that you should make a bargain because the market is opened mainly for tourists so the price is pretty high.

If you prefer crowded and vibrant places, there are a lot of bars and night clubs on Bai Chay Street. However, those bars are not opened overnight and start to turn down the music after midnight.

Halong Cuisine

The most popular food in Halong is definitely seafood. Particularly, there are many kinds of seafood dishes that can only be found in Halong such as Squid sausage, sea snails, and Ngan – a species of Arca Wine. You can visit Cai Dam Market to buy fresh seafood or enjoy prepared dishes in restaurants on Ben Doan Street. Recently, an emerging type of restaurant that attracts a lot of tourists is pontoon boat – a mini floating restaurant on the sea. Seafood served on pontoon boat are caught directly undersea by fishermen so it still keeps the fresh flavor of the sea.

Squid sausage

Squid sausage – the most favorite food in Halong (Source: Internet)


Where to stay in Ha Long?


Halong Bay, one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, has become the attractive destination for many tourists both foreign and domestic with its natural sceneries of beaches, mountains, and islands. Visiting Halong Bay for the first time, many travelers may be confused about where to stay.

Understand your worry, hellohalongbay provide you some information on the best locations in Halong for your travel. Let’s take a look at them and have a nice trip!

Hotels and resorts

1. Muong Thanh Grand hotel

Among many hotels and resorts in Halong Bay, Muong Thanh Grand hotel is highly rated for its amazing views of the city. From the hotel, travelers are able to admire the whole impressing panorama of the sea and forest-covered mountains. Besides, the hotel is an ideal place to relax after hard-working days with many services offered for customers such as spa & massage, gym, karaoke, etc. Located 7.1km from the city center, the hotel is in an ideal position for travelers to visit tourist sites in Quang Ninh.

Muong Thanh Grand Hotel

Inside a room of Muong Thanh Grand hotel (Source: Internet)

2. Vinpearl Halong Bay resort

Lying on Reu Island – one of the most pristine and beautiful islands in Vietnam, Vinpearl Halong Bay resort is an ideal location for travelers who are looking for an unforgettable vacation by the beach. The hotel offers many services and entertainment such as gyms, spa, swimming pools, restaurants and a playground for children. Hotel rooms are well equipped with modern, convenient furniture with elegant design.

Vinpearl Halong Bay resort

Luxury Vinpearl Halong Bay resort (Source: Internet)

3. City Bay Palace

Being a 3-star hotel in Quang Ninh, City Bay Palace offers 60 rooms equipped with internet connection, a television, a mini bar, etc. The restaurant of the hotel provides customers with both Asian and Europe cuisine and a free buffet for breakfast. The price of staying one night in this hotel is quite economically compared with many other regional hotels. If you are on a tight budget and still want to enjoy convenience, don’t forget to add City Bay Palace into your where-to-stay list.

City Bay Palace

City Bay Palace is elegantly decorated (Source: Internet)

4. Paradise Peak

As one of the most luxury cruise hotel in Halong, Paradise Peak is a yacht designed in traditional Vietnamese style. On the boat, there is a dining room, a bar area, an outside hall, massage rooms, a library and gym rooms. Coming to Paradise Peak, tourists not only have the chance to enjoy beautiful Halong Bay but also they can try some sports activities such as go kayaking on Halong beach.  

Paradise Peak

Customers can enjoy sceneries of Halong beach from their rooms (Source: Internet)


1. Banana and Rose

Situated on Tuan Chau Island, Banana and Rose homestay is a perfect choice for people who are looking for a place to take a rest. The homestay with a swimming pool and a green garden has six bedrooms, one for a group of six and the others are for couples.

Besides the nice homestay, the hosts are also highly appreciated for their warm-heartedness and thoughtful. They also teach foreign visitors to cook some Vietnamese dishes so that they will learn more about Vietnam culture.

Banana and Rose

The lovely Banana and Rose homestay (Source: Internet)

2. Momento

The next one in the list of locations in Halong is Momento homestay. Located in an apartment on Hoang Quoc Viet Street, Momento is a new homestay in Halong with 3 bedrooms and 2 big bunk beds for 10 customers in maximum. This homestay is most suitable for group traveling and family vacations.


Momento Halong is nice and simply decorated (Source: Internet)

3. The Brika hostel

Brika hostel is located on the 16th floor of Green Bay building with a view to gorgeous Halong beach. The house is designed with vintage style, lovely furniture, and homemade home decor items that will make you feel like home. From the balcony, you can enjoy fresh air and the scene of the whole city while sipping a cup of a hot coffee. This adorable apartment will become the perfect location for young couples who want to spend their honeymoon in Halong Bay.

The Brika hostel

The apartment has a nice view (Source: Internet)

4. Ginger Homestay

For any person who loves peaceful, green and quiet space, 4-bedroom Ginger Homestay is the best choice for you. The host spends a large area in the garden for BBQ parties and relaxes. The homestay is located 5km from Tuan Chau harbor, near the Chay beach. From the house, tourists can easily transfer to many famous tourist attractions in Halong such as Tuan Chau Island, Bai Tu Long Bay, and Hon Trong Mai.

Ginger Homestay

Ginger Homestay has a green space (Source: Internet)

Here is the list of amazing hotels and homestays in Halong Bay. If you have a plan to spend your next vacation in this famous tourist spot, don’t forget to check our recommendations.



Five must-see attractions in Halong Bay


The Halong Bay archipelago comprises 1,969 islands and islets, it’s almost impossible to run out of fun places to visit and activities to try while you’re here. Here are the five must-visit attractions for your Halong Bay itinerary.

Co To Island

Co To Island

Co To Island (Source: Internet)

The Co To archipelago is comprised of 40 islands varying in sizes and a number of deserted beaches. It is one of the must-see tourist attractions in Vietnam. Indulge yourself in the serenity of the ocean. Fill your senses with the crystal blue water, bright wide sand, aromatic wildflowers, and redolent pine trees.

There is a wide selection of activities to choose from while in Co To Island. Explore the pine forests. Discover the islands and go fishing on a boat. If you want to encounter the coral reefs and tropical marine life, go snorkeling. And of course, enjoy the freshest and tastiest seafood served by the natives.

Tuan Chau Islands

Tuan Chau International Marina Port

Tuan Chau International Marina Port (Source: Internet)

Tuan Chau Island, endowed with a luxuriant forest and beaches with very white and fine sand, is one of the highlights of Halong bay tours. Situated 8km away from Downtown Halong, the schist island never fails to impress its visitors with the endless exciting activities and well-developed infrastructure. If Co To Island is all about nature and indulging in nature, Tuan Chau island gives off a completely different vibe that screams luxury.

Tuan Chau Island comes with high-end tourist services, recreational activities, and numerous entertainment options. You can go fishing, kayaking, mountain climbing, camping, parachuting, motor racing, water skiing, and playing golf or watch animals perform tricks (dolphins, sea lions, seals, etc.).

Luon Cave

Luon Cave

Luon Cave (Source: Internet)

The open-air cave is located 14km away from Bai Chay Beach and 1km away from Sung Sot cave. It’s situated on Bo Hon Island with Con Rua Islet in the front and the Sky Gate on the right. Luon Cave is 60m in length, 4m in width, 4m and 2.5m in height during low tide and high tide, respectively. Hence, only small boats or kayaks have access to the cave.

The preserved Luon Cave is an appealing attraction with spectacular, natural landscape: numerous alluring stalactites suspending from the above with their diversified shapes, luxuriant vegetation, dangerously steep cliffs, tranquil and crystal-like blue water all year round.

Yen Tu Relic

Dong Pagoda on the top of Yen TU Mountain

Dong Pagoda on the top of Yen Tu Mountain (Source: Internet)

The national centre of culture, history, and tourism is listed in UNESCO heritage nominations. Yen Tu Mountain, with hundreds of temples, was the capital of Buddhism of Dai Viet more than 700 years ago and is sacred to millions of Vietnamese Buddhists.

From cultural, to historical, to natural values, the traditional spiritual Yen Tu Relic has everything to offer. The smell of incense purifies the air and cleanses our souls. The antique and artistic architecture is in harmony with nature. Ride a cable car and take in all the scenery covered with white clouds all year round. If this is not heaven, then it is surely heaven on earth!

Cong Tay Island

Cong Tay Island

Cong Tay Island (Source: Internet)

Located approximately 40km away from Bai Chay Cruise Port, Cong Tay Island belongs to Bai Tu Long Bay. The peaceful island, for the most part, still remains one of the less touristy parts of Halong Bay except for several convenient hotel systems, restaurants scattered here and there along the beach.

Surrounded by the lush vegetation on limestone mountains and the crystal clear emerald water, Cong Tay is an ideal relaxing getaway when you feel like escaping the daily grind.

Travel with to receive more stunning and interesting articles about Halong Bay!

Halong bay Vietnam family trips: Tips for a perfect time with your kids


A trip with your family in Halong Bay in Vietnam would be an unforgettable one for you and your kids. Taking a leisure vacation together in Halong Bay, one of the world’s natural wonders recognized by UNESCO will refresh and recharge your family to get ready to come back to daily life.

However, traveling with your children can sometimes be a hassle for parents since kids are sometimes over energetic and mischievous. The tips below will give you some advice to create a hassle-free time for your coming to Halong Bay family trip. Check them out for closer details.

Halong Bay

Halong Bay from above (Source: Internet)


– Search for basic information about Halong Bay in advance, including maps, weather, and reviews.

– It is also important that you go over basic safety and emergency information, local rules, and procedures. For example what you should do when your tour is canceled. Remember to save the tourist company’s telephone number to call anytime you need.

– Since it will take you around 3.5 hours to travel from Hanoi to Halong by bus, parents are advised to make a request to be collected first in order that you can pick comfortable seats for your children during the whole drive. You can instead book in advance a private car for your family to take the initiative in terms of time and places. In addition, don’t forget to bring along some drinks and light snacks as your kids might feel hungry during transferring time.

Accommodation in Halong

An accommodation in Halong (Source: Internet)

– When considering booking a cabin, a triple one, which offers a discount for under-12-year-old children would be a perfect option. A spare bed or baby cot is always ready for your kids. Moreover, bear in mind to inform any food allergy your kids may have to the tour operator in case you can’t keep an eye on them 24 hours a day. See the weather forecast and pack suitable clothes for them accordingly.

Safety on board

When traveling to a new place, always keep an eye on your children in case they get lost or are pickpocketed. In Halong, especially when your family is on a cruise, your children’s safety is the number one thing to care for.

Keep an eye on your children while on boat

Keep an eye on your children when travelling to Halong (Source: Internet)

– Take full notice of your children and don’t let hem climb on the railing or the handrail on the boat.

– Make sure your kids wear the required life vest when taking part in cruise activities.

– Be aware of them while transferring from the cruise to the rowing boat and vice versa.

– Upon your visiting the caves with small children, do keep in mind to pay extra attention to them because there will be a lot of steps.

Join the Tai Chi session in the morning and squid fishing at night since there are exciting activities your children will definitely love.

Mentioned above are some essential advice you should keep in mind to have a memorable and safe Halong Bay Vietnam family trip. Hopefully, this article will be a helpful companion before and during your stay in Halong Bay.


What to expect in the best Halong Cat Ba tours


Ha Long Bay is located 170 kilometers away from Hanoi. According to a local legend, this Bay was made during the wartime, when Mother Dragon and her children carved vast valleys and jagged limestone columns of rocks to help Vietnamese people battle against their enemies.

Nowadays, Ha Long Bay (meaning “descending dragon” in Vietnamese) is one of the most attractive destinations in Vietnam due to its charming landscape.

There are many activities to do in Ha Long Bay. Visitors can stay in Ha Long and explore the Bay, then take a tour to the nearby beautiful island named Cat Ba. If you have enough time, the number one advice is to do both. Here hellohalongbay has piled up a list of the best activities to do on Halong – Cat Ba tours:

Halong Bay tours

Halong Bay

Halong Bay with breathtaking view (Source: Internet)

Most visitors will choose to discover Halong Bay by embarking on a cruise on traditional junks. Junks were first introduced to Vietnam in the 14th century by Chinese traders. Since then, junks have become an important part of Vietnam’s maritime, serving as the main transportation along the coast. In recent year, especially after Halong has nominated as a UNESCO world heritage site and one of the New Seven Natural Wonders of the World, tourism in Halong Bay has started to bloom. Many of the old junks have been renovated into comfortable tourist boats. Depending on your time, there are one-day to three-day tours available at your convenience.

What does a complete Halong tour by boats include? A trip will include hotel pick-up in Hanoi and a tour guide. It takes four hours to travel from Hanoi to Halong Bay, therefore as you as you board; lunch will be ready. Since the landscape of Halong Bay consists of many islets, it is quite hard to explore all Halong by big boats. Visitors can explore Halong Bay by themselves by kayak or smaller boats provided by the Vietnam travel agency.

Halong Bay from above

Halong Bay from above (Source: Internet)

Two-day tours will offer tourists a chance to explore Vietnam’s coastline, such as Bai Tu Long Bay. The two Bays may seem to resemble, however it is less crowded in Bai Tu Long than in Halong Bay, thus giving tourists more tranquil atmosphere. Watching the sunset in Bai Tu Long is an amazing bonus for those who wish to stay longer.

Cat Ba Island tours

There is no direct ferry from Halong Bay to Cat Ba. However, you can find many options in Tuan Chau Island. From Tuan Chau Island, ferries run daily from Tuan Chau dock to Gia Luan pier and cost around 50.000 VND per ticket. From Gia Luan, you can either catch a public bus or taxi to Cat Ba town.

Ca Ba Island

The beauty of Cat Ba (Source: Internet)

Cat Ba Island is one of the biggest islands in Halong Bay. There are three beaches located near the harbor town where you can have a refreshing bath and lie on the beach as long as you want. The beaches are no world wonders, but they are perfect locations for relaxing after a long trip from Halong.

Cat Ba National Park is home to endangered Cat Ba Langur and many other animals, birds, and wild herbs. The way to the top is rather moderate and beautiful. From the top, you can have a whole view of the island and nearby caves. You should visit the park in the morning, and then in the late afternoon, choose a right spot in the adjacent fort cannon to watch the sunset.

Hospital Cave is also a place you shouldn’t miss. Built during the Vietnam War, this three-story hospital served as a place to gather and nurse the injured and was in use 10 years after.

Best time to visit Halong Bay and Cat Ba Island

From October to April next year, Halong receives a lot of tourists since the weather is quite dry and pleasant, thus making your activities more enjoyable. However, visiting Halong during its peak time means you will find Halong very crowded and the price is normally higher. From May to September, the weather is less desirable; fewer tourists want to visit Halong during this time. The best news is this time is perfect for travelers looking for tranquility. The price is relatively low, which is also a plus for the low season.


Top things to do in Halong Bay


The World’s Natural Wonder Halong Bay impresses tourists with the amazing and wonderful works of the Mother Nature. When it comes to appreciating the beautiful landscapes, you can choose tons of interesting things to do in Ha Long Bay.

Here are top 8 must-do activities hellohanglongbay think you should know when you visit Halong Bay:

Stay in overnight cruise

Cruise on Halong Bay

Cruise on Halong Bay (Source: Internet)

There are a lot of luxury cruises in Halong Bay with multiple activities. You can experience great things on the big ship that float on the sea, surrounded by breath-taking scenes of nature. One of the greatest experiences is sleeping and waking up on the cruise to see the sea and the bay in front of you. Just lying down and enjoying the beautiful scenery at Halong Bay, you will feel so relaxing and refreshing. Besides, you can join a lot of onboard activities such as cooking class, night squid fishing, doing taichi on the desk, spa and massage.

Some cruises also offer you various off-board activities including swimming, cave visiting, kayaking, visiting float fishing villages and dining in the cave. Let’s stay in Halong Bay by experiencing one or two night on the boat. You will not regret.

View Halong Bay from seaplane

Halong Bay seaplane

Halong Bay’s seaplane (Source: Internet)

This seems a costly activity but very worthy to try. A flight tour around the bay can take 30 minutes to one hour depending on the tour you book. You can see the whole view of Halong Bay on the height of 300 meters above the water.

Some seaplane services also provide flights from Hanoi to Halong Bay which you can see a lot of stunning aerial views of Northern Vietnam such as Red River Delta, Co Loa ancient town, Hai Phong city and Tuan Chau Island.

Visit caves on islets

Sung Sot Cave

Sung Sot Cave (Source: Internet)

Halong Bay is well-known for an enormous system of caves, limestone karsts in various shapes and sizes that have been existed for thousand years. Therefore, it is a big mistake if you miss this experience. Some people say Halong Bay is a wonder of nature that is made of water and stone. Over the centuries, the running of water created beautiful limestone caves with unique stalactites. You can go on the boat or kayak by yourself to explore these caves. You need to trek or climb a little bit when you approach the caves which make your trip more exciting. Dau Go Cave, Thien Cung Cave, Sung Sot Cave, Luon Cave, Hanh Cave, … are famous places to go in Halong Bay.


Kayaking in Halong Bay

Kayaking in Halong (Source: Internet)

Kayaking is always one of the top things that tourist choose to try when visiting Halong Bay. Paddling a small boat by yourself on calm clean blue sea water to explore the beauty of the bay is must-try activity. You can row your kayak through limestone caves, through islets and island and big mountains risen from the sea. Remember to wear a life jacket, follow the instructions so that you will not reach to the dangerous areas.

Visit floating fishing village

Floating village in Halong Bay

Floating village in Halong Bay (Source: Internet)

Floating village is a very one-of-a-kind feature in Halong Bay. These traditional villages have been here for hundred years. And people in here never leave the village. They live generation to generation on the boathouses, do fishing to earn their living. Visiting these floating villages is a fascinating experience to explore a normal daily life of the local fishermen who spend their entire life on the boat, surrounded by beautiful sceneries of the bay. Chatting with them, helping them to catch fish, visiting their special house and playing with the kids can make you have more interesting knowledge about culture and people. There are 4 popular floating villages you should visit: Cua Van, Vung Vieng, Cong Dam and Ba Hang.

Dining in the cave

Dining in the cave

Dining in the cave (Source: Internet)

This interesting activity is offered by some cruises and tour agencies. When the sun goes down and it gets dark, the staff will light up a lot of candles in the cave, set up beautiful tables with delicious food. All you need to do is enjoy the meal in a very romantic, quiet and warm space of these special ‘restaurant’. The food varies from local seafood to Western and Eastern cuisine so that you can have a flexible choice. If you are on your honeymoon trip, romantic anniversary, or birthday, this kind of dinner is perfect for you.

Try local seafood

The sea in Halong provides plenty of seafood that you should try. Fresh seafood including lobster, squid, crab, horseshoe crab, different fishes, and different snails are cooked in various delicious ways. While some people choose to eat seafood on the cruises or restaurants on Bai Chay, others choose to try street seafood on Ben Doan street or visit Cai Dam Market to see thousands of fresh seafood.

Trekking and cycling

Cycling in Halong

Cycling in Halong Bay (Source: Internet)

Besides blue clean water and lovely beaches to swim, Halong Bay has a lot of pristine islands, islets, and forests with various ecosystem and wildlife. They are ideal for trekking and cycling activities. You can trek to Ban Sen Island, Quan Lan Island, Cat Ba Island and Titov Island. Especially, Cat Ba National Park trekking tour is very famous among tourists because you can explore a lot of wild animals and birds on the way as well as stunning sceneries.

For cycling, Cat Ba Island and Bai Tu Long are perfect for ones who want to see green jungles and fresh environment. Or you can choose to cycle toward the countryside where you can admire beautiful paddy fields, tranquil villages and finally visit the traditional fishing villages on the coast.

There are a lot of things to do in Halong Bay. A visit to Vietnam wouldn’t complete if you cannot enjoy the wonderful natural sceneries of Halong Bay and experience those 8 top activities.